Community.  Family.  Fun. We all live in this part of San Diego County because these things are important to us.  And 92127 Magazine reflects the same ideals and interests.  Whether it’s details on the new high school (page 20) or tips on how to follow a sometimes confusing lawn watering schedule (page 24), we plan to give you a slice of the lifestyle you love.

You can sample a local resident’s favorite recipe for a backyard cookout, learn about some close-to-home outdoor fun spots, and meet a lot of people who live and work right here in your neighborhood.  Plus, you’ll see lots of names and faces of local people playing, participating in activities and attending local events.

By picking up the latest issue of 92127 Magazine, you can know everything going on in the area — from the school schedules to special events, from youth sports to clubs and organizations.  If it’s happening here, we plan to be a part of it.  Because, just like you, we’re neighbors too.

All the best,
Derrick Breaux, PUBLISHER