What happens when your son or daughter leaves their things out overnight and you’ve asked them, time and time again, to clean them up? Pack Rat Pat gets them. 

Stay-at-home dad, adoptive father of three, business owner, and author Clint Perry give kids a little motivation with his first story in the Pack Rat Pat series Pack Rat Pat, “Don’t Take That!” (pp 30, $4.99) – available now at Civil Disobedience in 4S Ranch.

Pack Rat Pat, “Don’t Take That!” highlights the interaction between the two beloved characters Pack Rat Pat and Safe House Mouse the first time they come to visit your home.

Laura Zuckerman, M.Ed., MLS, Librarian I, Youth Services, San Diego County Library said, “Pack Rat Pat, “Don’t Take That!” is an endearing story that children can easily identify with and the lovable “MoWillem-esque” characters will delight kids and parents alike.  Children will be waiting for the next, “Pack Rat Pat” story in the series!”

Annie Gill, Support Manager at JW Tumbles said, “This is a great story, and a refreshingly creative way to get the kids involved while driving home an important message. My kids love Pack Rat Pat and run to clean up their toys every night. It is sure to be a staple in homes everywhere.”

As noted, parents may purchase a copy of the book in 4S Ranch at Civil Disobedience, located at 10550 Craftsman Way, Suite 184 – in the 4S Commons Town Center.

In addition, Pack Rat Pat and Clint Perry will be providing music, reading and crafts at the 4S Ranch Library at 10:30 a.m., Feb. 25.  The library is located at 10433 Reserve Drive.

More information is available at www.packratpatsplace.com.