Dozens of 4S Ranch and Santa Fe Valley residents showed up at the 4S Ranch Branch Library Wednesday evening for a public open house sponsored by the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego, which hopes to build a large facility on a nine-acre site off Four Gee Road in the area.

The crowd filled the community meeting room to capacity, and at one point library staff requested San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies to the parking lot because several upset people had gathered after reportedly not being allowed into the meeting.  Apparently there were no incidents nor arrests involved.

Inside, display boards showcasing proposed building layout, architectural design, traffic patterns and landscape layout were displayed – and church officials and members were available for questions and discussion.  The church currently meets in an office facility near Costco in Carmel Mountain Ranch – and has raised funds for a significant amount of time to build its own structure.  If county planners approve the proposal, church officials indicated construction should begin immediately.

Among the comments from one woman in favor of the church project, who provided information at the gathering:

  • “The church will only host 600.”  She did not respond to an inquiry from the crowd on if she was referring to 600 people or 600 families.
  • “The wetlands will not be impacted at all.  The Ranch House will have to be gone.”
  • “This will not be a school and we will only meet Friday through Sunday.”  Various reports have indicated the proposal includes an education facility.
  • When someone in the crowd asked what will occur if there is an emergency while the church has a large event and the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District engines need immediate access to Four Gee Road, she replied, “We have done extensive traffic pattern research.”

Those opposed to the church proposal have formed the 4S Santa Fe Valley Mega-Project Abatement Coalition, which reportedly has garnered “several thousand” of signatures in opposition to the proposal.  Church leaders and members plan a second open house for 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 22 at the church’s main campus at 12335 World Trade Drive, Suite 2, in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

The 4S Santa Fe Valley Mega-Project Abatement Coalition is a group of community homeowners and residents opposed to large-scale development efforts that “have significant negative impacts on our neighborhoods” and seeks “to maintain the integrity of the Santa Fe Valley Specific plan, which calls for low-density/low-impact use and the preservation of open space.”  For more information on the group, visit