To be clean in body and pure in heart. To love the sacred circle of the family. To love my neighbors as myself. To be pals with my dad forever. To listen while others speak. To seek and preserve the beauty of the Great Spirit’s work in forest, field and stream.”

These are the Six Aims that the boys of the Santaluz Adventure Guides learn upon joining.

The program, established in 2006 by Bill Burch, was designed to bring the new neighborhood fathers and sons together in a fun and memorable way.

“Through several adventures each year, I taught the boys – by example – how to step out of the comfort of our home and how to enjoy the beauty of nature,” said Page Winkler, the new Chief and tribe leader, noting that the group partakes in monthly two-night camping trips. “For recreation, we hiked, canoed, kayaked, climbed rocks, drove off road, swam in the ocean, rode zip-lines, biked trails, and on and on. The friendship between the dads is real and lasting. I would count my fellow ‘warriors’ among my very best friends today.”

The first campout of the new season is scheduled for Sept. 9, with additional trips planned for Del Mar Beach at Camp Pendleton, Catalina Island, Trestles, Julian and more. The season will conclude with a popular group campout open to the entire family to participate with the adventurers.

The Santaluz Adventure Guides is currently open to new members. The tribe consists of mostly Willow Grove Elementary students and boys living within the Santaluz area and surrounding neighborhoods. Participating boys must be between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.

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