This legislation permits companies to provide $20 a month tax free to employees who bike to work, allowing the money to be used for bicycle purchases and bike upkeep – and is designed to promote cycling and provide a little equity for the people who burn calories instead of fuel.

Most employers are probably unaware of the new bicycle community benefit, and many employers need to understand implementation. The actual benefit of the Act – about $240 per individual cyclist each year – is helpful but the largest benefit is that it legitimizes bicycling as a commuting mode. And this might inspire more employers to think about providing showers, lockers, secure bicycle parking, and other inducements to their employees (such as purchasing a Green Cruiser ™ electric bike!).

Providing free vehicle parking for employees is expensive (construction, maintenance, insurance, security, lighting, etc.), wastes valuable real estate, and offends a company’s neighbors due to causing too much traffic. Employers can save money and burnish their “good corporate citizen” credentials by offering employees diverse transportation options, especially sustainable ones such as bicycling.

Among the benefits to employees for bicycling to work, especially if the company provides a “Bike-to-Work Corporate Allowance” program as outlined in the Bicycle Commuter Act:

  • It’s environmentally responsible.
  • It saves a significant amount of fuel (and the related costs).
  • Employees get paid to commute.
  • Parking becomes a non-issue.
  • Employees get obvious health and fitness benefits.

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