Local entrepreneur Luann McCleery knows that one of the first things to get slashed from a family’s budget during difficult economic times is dining out. Luann has created a solution – a card that allows consumers to eat out at their favorite local restaurants with a “buy one, get one free” experience (up to a maximum value). According to Luann, this card – called Epicurious – was enormously successful in Texas and Oklahoma, and Luann has brought this concept to San Diego.

Luann’s advertising background provided her the inspiration to develop and market the dining card, and she has enlisted the support of many of north inland county’s top restaurants as a way to make it easier for diners to patronize their favorite local restaurants. The Epicurious card is easy to use and is accepted at over a dozen local establishments. The new card is now available for purchase for only $38. It has a value of $990 and allows you the opportunity to Dine Out Locally for LESS! repeatedly at your favorite restaurants, including Beach Grass Café, Café Luna, Chef Chin’s, Company Pub and Kitchen, Elephant Bar, Luc’s Bistro, Nugent’s Firegrille, Oggi’s, and more!

“These cards make an excellent gift for friends, family and employees who enjoy the local cuisine,” explains Luann. To purchase your card, please call 858-449-9640 or log onto www.epicurioussandiego.com.