Voak Homes is well-known in the 92127 neighborhoods. You see the name of this realty team on children’s sports jerseys and for-sale signs throughout the community. It probably won’t surprise you to hear they’ve been the top selling agents in 92127 for the last four years, but it may surprise you to learn about the owners’ son, Zach, and his unique condition.

Scott and Cori moved into their own 4S Ranch home shortly after launching Voak Homes in 2002. They were eager to start a family, but they were unable to have children of their own. They pursued surrogacy and adoption for years, without success. Finally, they adopted Zach.

“Zach was an ideal baby, quiet with no fuss,” said Scott. But over time, they noticed that he was not very responsive or affectionate, and that his speech was delayed. “The fortunate thing for us with Zach is he has a great personality, a wonderful smile, and the best laugh I have ever heard.” said Scott. Nonetheless, they were concerned. Ultimately, they had Zach tested.

“The diagnosis was crushing,” said Scott. Zach had a genetic disorder called Fragile X syndrome, in which the X chromosome doesn’t properly code for a crucial protein needed for neural development. The disorder is the number one cause of autism and developmental delay. “Getting that diagnosis shatters the dreams you have for your child. You have to start over with how you plan for the growth and future,” said Scott.

Meanwhile, Cori was managing her own fibromyalgia, undergoing multiple back surgeries in the hopes of alleviating pain and weakness in her legs. In the last four years, she has undergone four separate surgeries and finally has most of her mobility back.

Zach has shown great improvement also. “Because Fragile-X shares a lot of characteristics with both autism and Alzheimer’s, the major drug companies are pouring a lot of money into it.” After a UC Davis researcher showed the acne drug Minocycline helped people with Fragile-X, the Voaks asked his psychologist to put Zach on the medication. In a follow up visit, it took the Dr. less than a minute to declare Zach a “totally different kid”.

“The change has been remarkable,” said Scott. “I used to have to guard his hands in a shopping cart because… he could not process everything going on around him and would lash out. He is now saying 4-5 word sentences… and we get some good hugs.”



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Business Name:  Voak Homes Inc
Owners:  Scott & Cori Voak
Year Started:  2002
Address:  10815 Rancho Bernardo Rd #390  San Diego, CA  92127
Website:  VoakHomes.com & Our4S .com
Email contact:  Scott@VoakHomes.com
Phone:  888-311-6311

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