Six years in the Marine Corps, two years of commercial driving, ten years protecting the Saudi Royal Family and six years in real estate are on Geoffrey Hopf’s resume. Add to that “Author,” as Hopf recently decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of writing a book. “The road to Doggieville” started with telling my two daughters stories at night. My girls just love my stories, so one night…. I asked my wife what she thought about the idea of putting one of the stories into print. She loved the idea, so with her love and support I started down the road to Doggieville,” said Hopf.

Doggieville is a children’s book about a dog named Kiki who ran away to Doggieville – a magical place where there are no rules. Once there, Kiki discovers that he misses and loves his family, so he starts his journey home, overcoming many challenges and obstacles. The book is for children ages three to seven and teaches them that all decisions have consequences, but that love can conquer all.

Hopf’s wife Tahnee, and his two daughters, Scarlette (4) and Savannah (2) are his main inspiration. “I look at my two girls and I am in awe of the opportunities they have before them. I tell them that they can do whatever they want in life,” explained Hopf. “I feel blessed that they live in such an incredible country that allows them the freedoms to go pursue whatever their hearts desire….. I decided that I too can do what I want.” Hopf believes that many adults hold themselves from pursuing opportunities because of pre-programmed beliefs. He is inspired by being able to show his children the power of imagination. “I want them to see how an idea like a story at night can transform itself into reality and then touch the world.”

Doggieville is available in English and Spanish for $12.99 at, as well as, Barnes and Noble online and a few other online retailers. Hopf enjoys hearing from other aspiring authors and can be reached at