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The Miss Rancho Bernardo Scholarship Pageant not only promotes the development of young women to support community organizations, it is a title awarded to the best all around young lady who demonstrates the heart and interest to serve.

Lynn Ross, Director of the Pageant, encourages all young women interested in competing to apply. “For the young women that compete, I believe the most rewarding thing is the feeling of accomplishment for even trying.” shares Ross. All contestants that compete benefit by gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities, along with the opportunity to be a part of a community tradition while learning about a pageant experience. Ross feels very fortunate to be conducting the Pageant at the Rancho Bernardo Inn this year. “They have been great to work with to host the event. With a new venue we hope to have just as many or more interested contestants and ample space for friends, family and community to attend.”

This is a “pageant” that comes with a crown, banner and the title of Miss Rancho Bernardo or Miss Rancho Bernardo Teen. The emphasis, however, of this pageant is service to the community. In addition, the scholarship provides assistance toward future educational goals of the young women. Young ladies can apply to the pageant online at


with Miss Rancho Bernardo 2011  Lauren Menzer


What was your focus?
To positively represent my community of peers and to be a positive role model for all ages.  I also strived to impart confidence in young children and peers and to inspire them to be proud of their individuality.  I wanted to demonstrate to all generations of the Rancho Bernardo community that if you work hard and stay true to yourself, you can achieve your dreams.

What were the top 3 highlights during your reign?
Representing Rancho Bernardo in the Spirit of the Fourth Parade and seeing all the families together to celebrate the independence of our country.  
Reading a story to my fifth grade teacher’s current classroom and sharing with them that beauty comes from the inside.
The opportunity to develop relationships with people of all ages through the various activities and events while representing Rancho Bernardo.

What were your challenges?
Having a more reserved personality, during my reign as Miss Rancho Bernardo I learned to be more comfortable being myself when interacting with others.  At first, it was intimidating to go up to a prestigious community member and strike up a conversation, but I soon realized that they were pleasantly surprised that someone my age was interested in what they had to say.

What did you learn?
The truth in a genuine smile or a kind word can turn anyone’s day around.  In addition, I realized that individuals of all ages looked to me as a role model and it made me strive even harder to be open with others and reach out to them.

What advice do you give young girls?
Be confident in who you are.  Each individual is special, unique, and has wonderful qualities to let shine.  The crown does not simply go to the contestant with the most expensive dress or the prettiest smile, but the one who is comfortable with who she is and is confident she will do great things.

Why should a girl enter the Pageant?
Miss Rancho Bernardo is the most elegant community pageant that I have seen thus far, and by participating in it you develop as a young lady, learning how to speak publicly and conduct yourself in interviews.  You will mature and progress as a young lady and become more poised, articulate, and confident.

What will girls learn who take part in the Pageant?
The experience you gain from participating in the pageant is a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.  Just by entering the pageant you take a step forward in developing confidence and maturity as a young lady, only to further it by practicing interviewing and public speaking skills.

What are your hobbies/interests?
I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking and bicycle rides.  In high school, I was involved in many organizations and leadership positions ranging from ASB, Peer Counseling, Orchestra, and Cross Country and as a camp counselor in the summer.  I have carried that over into college and am now involved in many organizations on campus including the Environmental Affairs Board, Compost Pilot Project, and Environmental Education for the Next Generation.  On the weekends I love spending time with my family.  Favorite past times are making collages and photography.

What’s next for you?
I plan on graduating UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental Studies Major, BA, and emphasis in Environmental Law, Communications or Political Science.  Following graduation, I hope to join the Peace Corps and also plan on attending Graduate School to study law.


with Miss Teen Rancho Bernardo 2011  Sarah Shalviri


What was your focus?
Being a role model and representing the program with elegance.

What were the top 3 highlights during your reign?
Poway Day’s parade, the Rancho Bernardo Inn Tree auction, and the Honorary Mayor announcement.

What were your challenges?
Time management.  In addition to being Miss Teen Rancho Bernardo, I was involved in varsity cheer, varsity dance [captain], competition dance, and AP classes, which made my schedule very busy. It made me very organized and taught me to not over commit myself.

What did you learn?
The most valuable thing I learned was the love and passion that people have for Rancho Bernardo. The people I work with and the events I attend are filled with so many people who love and care about the city of Rancho Bernardo.

What advice do you give young girls?
Be yourself. Your true character will always shine through, and that’s what the pageant is looking for, good moral character.

Why should a girl enter the Pageant?
The girls who are titleholders are not just at events to be a pretty face; they are there to represent the Pageant with intelligence, grace, and passion.

What will girls learn who take part in the Pageant?
There are many girls who share the same passion as they do about their community and feel empowered to be surrounded by so many intelligent, sweet girls.

What are your hobbies/interests?
Dance, cheer, being with friends and family.

What’s next for you?
Go to a four-year university and become a broadcast journalist. I love being involved in my community
and in the spotlight!

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Name:   Lauren Paige Menzer
Age:  18 years of age
Education:  Graduate of Rancho Bernardo High, attending UC Santa Barbara, Environmental Studies Major
Parents:  Monica and Stuart Menzer
Siblings:  Michael Menzer

[/tab] [tab title=”Sarah Shalviri Profile”]

Name:  Sarah Shalviri
Age:  17
Education:  Senior at Rancho Bernardo High school
Family:  Farhad and Maryam Shalviri
Sibling:  sister Monica attends USD

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Mission:  To promote the development of young women and actively support community organizations within the local area
Phone:  (858) 705-4920
Pageant Details:  Pageant Day – all day for the contestants. Sunday, March 25 at the Rancho Bernardo
Inn.  Program and Coronation ceremony begins at 4:00 p.m. (open to friends, family and community)

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