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For twins Will and Hank Deutschendorf, teaching martial arts is not just a job, it is a passion. “We’ve known since we were ten years old that we wanted to practice and teach martial arts,” says Will, who along with Hank, is an owner of the 4S Ranch branch of West Coast Martial Arts Academy.

“We started the academy in late 2007 because we saw a growing community and thought it would be a great place to share the magic of the martial arts,” says Hank.

According to Will and Hank, many people are surprised to find out that at just twenty-three years old, they are business owners. However, that isn’t what surprises people most about the twins. “We played baby Oscar in Ghostbusters 2, and we are also the nephews of John Denver,” says Hank.

Denver, who died in a plane crash in 1997, was well known for bringing public awareness to issues such as world hunger. “Our father is the President of the Windstar Foundation, which our uncle founded,” says Will.

With a commitment to helping others in the community, especially children, Will and Hank continue in their family’s philanthropic footsteps. “We hold a yearly Kick-a-Thon for the Liam’s Fund of Rady’s Children’s Hospital. We have also hosted a free 8-week women’s self defense seminar, as well as held self defense seminars for Girl Scout troops and high school sports teams,” says Will.

The acting bug hasn’t entirely gone away for the twins either. “We would love to get into acting if ever we had an opportunity in between being full-time students and business owners,” says Hank.

For now, Will and Hank have plenty on their plates. They have recently begun working with other businesses in the area, forming mutually beneficial relationships. “We have begun cross-marketing with Danceology, Frozen Ropes, Crossfit Barracks and Gyminny Kids. Students receive a discount when family members support these various businesses,” says Hank.

In addition to building relationships with local businesses, the twins enjoy teaching the wide variety of classes offered at West Coast Martial Arts Academy, which was founded by Master Giuseppe Aliotta. And they feel fortunate to be working together toward a common goal. “It is very empowering having your twin by your side teaching classes,” says Will.

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Names:  William (Will) Terry Deutschendorf and Henry (Hank) John Deutschendorf II
Ages:  23
Residence:  Rancho Penasquitos
Occupations:  Martial Arts Instructor, Owner 4S Ranch branch of West Coast Martial Arts Academy
Classes:  Karate, Kempo, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and MMA and more!
Address:  10890-B Thornmint Road San Diego, CA 92127
Phone:  (858) 451-KICK (5425)
Website:  www.wcmaasd.com
Email:  info@wcmaasd.com

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