by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Spark Photography

The Boys Lacrosse team at Del Norte High School has only just begun its new season, and already the team has one win under its belt – far ahead of last year’s record. But, to Head Coach Johnathan Adlam, it’s more than just an attractive record that makes a winning team. “Wins and losses do not always tell the whole story,” said Adlam. “As long as our boys are coming to practice everyday with a team-first mentality, and leaving it all on the field after a game, this season will prove to be a success.”

With the notion that increasing the players’ ‘Lacrosse IQ’ – as Adlam puts it – is essential to the team’s success, Adlam has enlisted the help of experienced coaches, like coach Cory Ottosen, who started playing lacrosse at age thirteen. “Providing multiple levels of knowledge and aspects of the sport will help our student-athletes understand the dynamics of the game on all levels,” said Adlam.

In an effort to broaden awareness of the sport, Adlam is implementing a Feeder Program in 4S Ranch this summer where clinics will be set up – with the help of parents – to teach kids the basics of lacrosse. “One of the cornerstones of every successful lacrosse program is a youth/feeder program,” said Adlam. “Once kids get started early on in the sport, they are hooked. It is truly that much fun.”

[quote]“As a coaching staff we are very proud of our team GPA.  Our kids get it done in the classroom as well.” ~ Johnathan Adlam Head Coach[/quote]

Perhaps the team’s biggest success this season is taking place off the field. “As a coaching staff, we are very proud of our team GPA,” said Adlam. “Our kids get it done in the classroom as well as on the field.”One of these kids is Ty Tuey – the starting goalie for the team – who is being actively pursued by various recruiters. “Ty is an amazing student as well as lacrosse player, which has opened many doors for him,” said Adlam.

Indeed, Adlam believes that the players’ accomplishments in their studies have a direct correlation to their feats in the game. “Many of the top lacrosse players are also outstanding students,” explained Adlam. “This is inherent in the very fabric of the sport, as top colleges back east are also outstanding academic institutions.” His advice to kids interested in lacrosse is to “get it done in the classroom.” “Players who excel in the classroom often excel on the field,” said Adlam.