by: MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by: Zeena Gregg Photography

Ten year old Bailey Ingle is enjoying every moment of her fourth grade year at Willow Grove Elementary School.

“I like all the friends I have made,” said Bailey. “Everyone at Willow Grove is nice.”

The school opened four years ago, and Bailey and her younger brother Elliot were lucky enough to be among the first students to attend. “Now I am in fourth grade and some of the kids in my class have been in my class since first grade, and that is cool,” said Bailey. Something else she thinks is “cool” is having her mom, Vicky – who teaches at Willow Grove – by her side every day. “I really like having my mom at school because I can go into her classroom after school and get my homework done. I also get to eat lunch with her one day a week,” said Bailey.

Her favorite subject in school is science, and she received an honorable mention two years in a row for her participation in a local science competition. She is currently conducting a science experiment to see if crickets can detect temperature changes, and when she is done, the crickets will make nice treats for her bearded dragon, Bill.

Bill is just one of Bailey’s many pets. Over the years, she has rescued a bunny, turtle, and dog. “I would like more pets but my mom says no!” said Bailey.

So, she finds other ways to spend time with animals. She loves ocean animals. “I have even been stung by a Portuguese Man of War, but that has not stopped me from going in the water!” said Bailey. Indeed it hasn’t. This May, in fact, she is going to swim with the dolphins at Sea World.

Bailey’s love for animals carries over to other areas in her life. Earlier this year, her Girl Scout Troop raised enough money to help pay for a camping trip to California’s Rawhide Ranch. “This was amazing,” said Bailey. “We rode horses every day, took care of goats and went to classes on animal science, horse training and vaulting.

I hope we can go back again next year.”And what does she want to do when she grows up? “I am not sure,” said Bailey, “but I am very interested in working at Sea World with the dolphins or even the stingrays…Something to do with animals!

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Full Name:Bailey Ingle
Age: 10
School: Willow Grove Elementary
Grade: 4
Parents:John and Vicky Ingle

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