On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low gathered a group of girls from Savannah, Georgia for a meeting of what would become the Girl Scouts of the USA. Her goal was to bring girls out of isolated home environments and into a world of new possibilities, such as community service, hiking, camping and basketball. One hundred years later, the Girl Scouts are continuing in Juliette’s quest to help every girl reach her full potential with the Year of the Girl.

According to Janine Rojas, Communications Specialist for the Girl Scouts San Diego, the goal of the 100th anniversary celebration is to achieve – within the next five years – a generational leap in opportunities for girls. “The Year of the Girl focuses on girls and the issues they face and celebrates their leadership potential in the workplace and in communities across the country,” says Rojas.

The Girl Scouts has come a long way in 100 years – never losing sight of its mission to empower and inspire girls. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (“Discover, Connect, Take Action”) provides programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and math, team-building and community service. The Year of the Girl celebration kicks off another exciting program: the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Arts and Culture Initiative. This program is designed to advance and sustain girls’ interest in the arts, as well as help them gain an appreciation for diverse cultures, engage in critical thinking and problem-solving and instill discipline, confidence and teamwork.

More than 31,000 girls are served by Girl Scouts San Diego each year – including 8,000 from underserved populations – through a wide variety of programs and activities. According to Rojas, one of the most popular programs is Girl Scout Camp. “Registration is now open for our spring and summer camps. All day and resident sessions combine traditional Girl Scout fun – games, songs and crafts – with themed, learn-by-doing experiences, such as kayaking, rock-climbing and photography,” says Rojas.

While today’s Girl Scout handbook looks much different than the first, which included a section on stopping runaway horses and how to tie up a burglar with eight inches of cord, it is not a stretch to say that Juliette Gordon Low would be proud of the 100th Anniversary Year of the Girl celebration.


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Troop #: 2038
Members: 8
Names: Genevieve Gonzales; Katy Fletcher; Lesia L.; Jenni Johnson; Emily Jose; Kathy Lee; Kaela Marie Abalos; Ashley Cogger
Troop Leaders: Marty Foltyn and Bhuvana Ramanathan

Established: 2012

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