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The three pillars of athleticism are speed, power, and agility. If you want to improve any or all of these, Velocity Sports Performance uses 30 years of science and development with expertly trained staff and a state of the art facility to help an athlete of any level reach their goals.

Some gyms focus on being open all day and night or in providing an HD TV in front of every treadmill. Velocity Sports Performance provides an elite level of sports training for people of all ages and athletic abilities. “Our coaches have the ability to turn a non-athlete into an athlete and help great athletes reach the top. Our coaches are degreed and certified so they understand how to safely push athletes to the limit,” said Sports Performance Director, Tom Cox.

Velocity Sports Performance offers something for everyone. “We train everyone from professional athletes, college athletes, top level high school and youth athletes to the everyday adult and youth seeking a more active lifestyle. Our youth athletes start in either elementary, middle or high school and continue training with us until they reach their goals of higher level athletic success.” Velocity Owner, Jill Campos.

Velocity offers adult fitness classes, personal training and small group training. “Our adult classes are designed to improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness,” said Campos. “Classes are unique, fun, challenging, and no two classes are alike. Many adults choose personal training which gives us the ability to cater to their individual fitness goals.”

Another unique aspect of the center is that Velocity trains entire teams, either at the facility or off-site. Cox explained, “We work with entire athletic programs as well as individual club and high school teams. This is a great opportunity for teams to get stronger, faster, and bond off the field or court.”

[quote]“Our coaches have the ability to turn a non-athlete into an athlete and help great athletes reach the top.”~ Tom Cox Sports Performance Director [/quote]

Of course, when you are improving your health and fitness level, it helps to be working out in a top-notch facility…and Velocity has the largest in San Diego. “Our facility mimics strength and conditioning facilities used by professional teams and college programs,” said Campos. They have over 14,000 sq. ft. of training space with an Olympic style weight room, 60 yards of turf, equipment from the best vendors in the business and on-site physical therapists.

If your goals for this year include becoming healthier and losing weight, Velocity is launching a new and improved adult fitness program called “Pure Fitness” offering additional class times to meet the needs of every adult. Whether your goals are to fine-tune your performance on the field or to improve your overall fitness, come see what Velocity Sports Performance can do for you today.


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Owner/Manager: Jill Campos/Tom Cox/ Bailee Holt
Position/Title: Owner/Sports Performance Dir/Manager
Address: 10806 Willow Ct #2, San Diego, Ca 92127
Phone: 858-592-7766

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