The 4S Commons will soon be host to two Blink Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. The stations are likely to be installed for use by late Spring. Mark Peternell, vice president of sustainability at Regency Centers – which owns 4S Commons – said the Commons was chosen among Regency’s 364 retail properties nationwide because it is in a metropolitan area. The local demographics led officials to believe there is a “higher than average adoption rate” for electric-powered vehicles by the community members.

The stations will be located between Cost Plus World Market and Hollywood Tans. Consumers will need a Blink account – which Peternell compared to a pre-paid calling card. Costs are not yet available, but are sure to cover access fees and offset the cost of the electricity and station maintenance.

Though a typical electric vehicle requires at least five hours for a full charge – a time length most 4S Commons users are not likely to stay – he said the stations will help users “top off” their power needs while running errands around the Commons.

If the 4S stations have high usage, Regency will likely install additional stations in other areas of the community. For now, the parking spaces will not be “dedicated” to electric vehicles, so those not charging a vehicle who park in the spots will not be ticketed, he said. However, there will be signage and the hope is those not charging a vehicle will leave them available for electric vehicles.