by Michelle Tremblay | photos by Spark Photography

Seventeen year old Jake Scornavacco is mature beyond his years. As he gets ready to embark on his senior year at Torrey Pines High School, he not only embraces his role as General Manager for his family’s frozen yogurt shop, “Sweet Things,” but he is already planning for its future.

Jake is able to leave school every day at noon so he can attend to the yogurt shop. Although he wouldn’t have it any other way, his schedule doesn’t leave him with much free time. “Clearly, my favorite thing to do in the 92127 community is work,” joked Jake. “When I am not working (rare, haha!) I passionately enjoy playing golf, studying politics, and attending my siblings’ sporting events.”

Jake and his three siblings – Zac (13), Taylor (12), and Lucca (10) – live with their mother, Nancy in 4S Ranch, where Jake’s late father, Michael, opened up the first Sweet Things yogurt shop in 2009. “My father was diagnosed with life-threatening pancreatic cancer,” described Jake. “Not only did it put him out of the workforce, it put his family in jeopardy financially. He had to act – doing what he knew best, opening a business. The idea for self-serve frozen yogurt came up…Sweet Things was born.”

Jake started working as GM for Sweet Things in 2010. “[I] take pride in all that I do, working hard to make the business as successful as can be,” said Jake.

And, so far, success seems to come naturally to him. In addition to fundraising for local schools and sponsoring community sports organizations, this year, the yogurt shop donated about $6,000 worth of frozen yogurt to contestants of the Stone Ranch Elementary School Spelling Bee and International Fair. “Sweet Things prides itself on its involvement with this great community,” explained Jake. “We believe a lot of our success is due to our immediate and frequent involvement with the community.”

The family recently opened its second store in the San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel, located downtown, and Jake is optimistic the expansion is just the tip of the iceberg. “I strive my best everyday to work hard so one day Sweet Things can be across the nation,” said Jake. “I see an expanded catering program…multiple locations…additional locations in Hiltons across the globe would be quite an accomplishment.”

And speaking of accomplishments, Jake’s would make any family proud. “My inspiration and drive to grow my business always has been and always will be my father,” beamed Jake. “My life goal is to make him proud. Sweet Things is his legacy, and I am honored to be the one who gets to carry it on. In the end, the hard work is worth it as I know my dad is smiling down on me from his ‘fairway in heaven.’”

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Name: Jake Robert Scornavacco
Age: 17 ½
Community: 4S Ranch, San Diego, CA
Family: Late Father, Michael Armand Scornavacco; Mother, Nancy Scornavacco (48); Siblings: Zac (13); Taylor (12); Lucca (10)

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