by KATHY LOY | photos by Spark Photography

What’s a sure sign that the community soccer program is about to become one of the most respected in the region? Bringing in one of the best coaches in the state is a HUGE step in that direction. Meet Jose Ocampo, the new Director of Coaching for the 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association (4SRYSA) and its competitive soccer division, the Avengers. A scientist by day and soccer coach by night (well….late afternoon to be exact), Jose brings an impressive resume of coaching skill and experience to our community.

Listening to the buzz down at the soccer fields, there is a high level of excitement over Jose’s recruitment from the San Diego Surf Soccer Club. Here, Jose shares his goals and vision for the program:

As the new Director of Coaching, what are three things you are most eager about bringing to the Program?

  • Focus on player development and create players that are passionate about what they do on and off the field.
  • A different coaching mind set to create a higher competitive environment.
  • Instill a style of play that can distinguish our players from other programs.

Where do you see the Club in 1 year? 5 years?

  • In the first year I will have to work on the Avengers soccer culture and regain the faith that we can compete at a high level from within the community and its surroundings. We will experience some growing pains, but I expect that it’s a soccer community accepting and ready for change.
  • Our five year plan is to be competitive enough to highlight some players playing at a higher level and showcasing our talent at college showcases. We want to develop those players that want to take their soccer experience further than club soccer.

If you could have an immediate wish granted for the Avengers, what would that be?

  • An immediate wish would be to have a dedicated facility for our players and families to congregate and not only train, but also support each and every one of our teams.

“We are very fortunate to have the ability to recruit coaches of the quality, stature and with the track record of Jose Ocampo. This is a testament to the youth talent pool we have in the 4S Ranch community and the commitment and backing we receive from their parents,” said Babak Esmaeli-Azad, Founder & President of 4SRYSA.

Over the next few months there will many transitions within the program and probably a few new faces too. This is a great time to get involved with 4S Ranch Soccer.

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Name: Jose L. Ocampo
Age: 37
Community: Carlsbad
Profession: Scientist and Director of Coaching Avengers