by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Giulia Hayer, a fifth grader at Maranatha Christian School, has recently taken the tennis world by storm. “I became interested in tennis after I attended a tennis camp when I was six years old,” said Giulia who currently practices every day and plays in tournaments nearly every weekend. In June 2012, Giulia finished third in the Girls’ 10 Division at the largest junior tennis tournament in the United States. Since then, she has achieved five first place finishes, has been a finalist in four, and a semi-finalist in seven of the United States Tennis Association sanctioned tournaments. Giulia has been ranked as high as #15 in Southern California Girls’ 10 Singles Division, and after only four months in the next age group, she is ranked #45 in the Girls’ 12 Singles Standings (ranking as of February 4, 2013).

[pullquote align=”right”] My parents always encourage me to do my best and they support me in every way they can. [/pullquote]

Giulia is also a straight-A student who has won awards for spelling bees, writing bees, and speech meets. She feels blessed to have had wonderful teachers at Maranatha Christian who have made school fun and interesting. While she enjoys all of her school subjects, she cites P.E. as her favorite subject because she loves to be outdoors participating in sports. As a testament to that fact, Giulia has received the Presidential Award from the President’s Council for Physical Fitness every year since the first grade. Whether she’s on the court, in the classroom or out on the field, Giulia looks to her parents and God as her inspirations. “My parents always encourage me to do my best and support me in every way they can. God gives me protection and peace,” declared

Spark 27 student Giulia  579Giulia.


In her spare time, Giulia enjoys bike riding with her dad, hiking and shopping with her mom, reading, and going to the beach with her family and friends. “I also enjoy learning Italian from my Nonna, Francesca, who lives with us and turned 84 years old in February,” related Giulia. As she looks to the future, Giulia hopes to attend Stanford University, where she would like to play tennis and possibly major in one of the sciences. Her ultimate dream is to become a professional tennis player. It’s safe to say that while there might be quite a few years before she leaves for college, Giulia is on her way to making her dreams a reality.



At A Glance

Name: Giulia Renee Hayer
Age: 11
School: Maranatha Christian School
Grade: 5th
Parents: Bill Hayer and Nuccia Raccosta
Siblings: Adam (25) and Jordan (22)
Pets: 3 dogs – Baxter, Rusty and Berkeley