Meet Lynda Moses – Membership Chairwoman, Marvelous Volunteer, Miraculous Survivor.

by KELLEY GUSICH  | photos by Spark Photography 

Meet Lynda Moses. She is an original member of the Friends of the Library 4S Ranch volunteer- led group. She goes to the knitting club at the Library, is in two book clubs, and joyfully spends much time supporting and improving one of the most popular libraries in San Diego County. Lynda works hard helping people understand the value of the Friends – they are instrumental in providing funds that allowed for over 800 community programs in 2012, with a total attendance of almost 24,000 people.

Lynda loves the easy access to everything in 92127. She likes to participate in many of the facilities without having to get into her car, but on Aug. 1, 2012, that outlook came to a screeching halt. Literally. Upon crossing an illuminated walk sign at the corner of Camino Del Norte and Dove Canyon Road, Lynda was hit by a truck. It forced her under its wheels, dragged her a distance and stopped with its right rear wheel still on her body. The skin of her right arm was removed, and the bones of her entire upper body were compressed, puncturing her lungs and lacerating her liver. Were it not for Amber Mapes, who encouraged the driver to move his truck off of her as they waited for life-flight to come, Lynda feels strongly she would not be here helping at the library and now making others aware of pedestrian safety issues.Spark 27 volunteer - Lynda  032

Upon hearing of the accident, Lynda’s children came from all over the West and Midwest. Together, with Lynda’s husband, they maintained an around-the-clock vigil. Once it was determined she would survive, it was nearly two weeks before she was able to move her arms, and she was intubated and miserable and in more pain than anyone should ever have to endure. “Now, more than six months post injury,” Lynda told us, “I have made substantial progress with the help of my doctors and extensive physical therapy.”

According to figures published by NHTSA, in 2010 there were 4,280 pedestrian fatalities in this country – about one death every two hours – not including survivors like Lynda.

“I am grateful to the many people who have helped and prayed for me,” she said. “I consider it a miracle to be alive and be able to share my story.”

Profile Information

Full Name: Lynda Moses

Age: 65

Community in which you reside: Bernardo Springs

Profession: Retired special education aide and bookkeeper at my husband’s law practice; Membership chair for Friends of the Library at 4S Ranch

Family Information: Husband, Don; Children, Jonathan (wife – Heather), Jason (wife – Becca) and Bryna; Grandchildren – Ari (8), Ayla (6), Sierra (16) and Jordan (12)

The Friends of the Library play a crucial role in the wonderful programs and vitality of the 4S Ranch Library, but their existence is dependent on you, the patrons of 92127. It costs a tax-deductible $15 to become an FOL member, and your membership makes available many library programs that otherwise would not be. Help grow the FOL membership roster by emailing Lynda at