Special submission by Postal Inspector, San Diego Domicile
Postal Inspectors are advising American consumers to beware of scams involving foreign lotteries. During just the past three years, victims lost more than $42 million to these scams. If you or a loved one receives an unsolicited offer, Postal Inspectors recommend:

  • Hang up the phone or delete the e-mail
  • Don’t give out personal or financial information to anyone over the Internet or phone
  • Never wire or send money to anyone, anywhere who says you have won a foreign lottery
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you into making an immediate decision
  • Never purchase anything until you get all information in writing

If you are a caregiver to older family members, take an active interest in their finances. Older Americans are a primary target of lottery scammers. Foreign lotteries aren’t just a risky proposition for American consumers; under most circumstances they are also illegal. You can prevent becoming a victim. Learn to recognize the warning signs. For more information, visit DeliveringTrust.com.