by linda frabl | photos by Spark Photography

In our current high-speed-access environment, we’ve unfortunately become a culture that compulsively searches for something bigger and better, whether in the realm of work or relationships. Luckily some things remain constant, such as the long-term work and relationship status of Andy Hsu, a Taiwan native, and Susanna He, a China native. The parents are proud that they’ve been working for the same company since the start of their professional careers, and have been married for twenty years. They have passed on this integral sense of committed steadfastness to their two children, April (10) and Aaron (7).

IMG_9691“‘Commitment’ and ‘family’ are important to us,” Susanna stated, adding, “We even have a plaque on our family room wall that says, ‘Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.’” Susanna’s desire to become more involved with her family prompted her to reduce her work hours, and now she volunteers in her children’s classrooms, as well as chairs the Stone Ranch Elementary School PTA Reflections art recognition program and assists with the school’s variety show and yearbook. She was also named vice principal at her children’s Chinese school.

Andy positively influences his brood by encouraging a healthy exercise regimen. “Being fit is important, and I am the family’s personal trainer,” he exclaimed. He regularly jogs with his wife around their Palomino neighborhood while the children ride their bikes, and he cheers on both children during their competitive soccer games. “We cheered especially jubilantly last season as April’s team won both the Presidio League and the Presidio Cup championship!” Andy beamed.

The Hsu children have many other passions – Aaron excels in singing and April is perfecting her Chinese zither skills. In addition, they routinely visit the 4S Ranch Branch Library to indulge in their appetite for reading. On top of all this, April is her school’s student council vice president, and she recently received praise for her displayed artwork at the San Diego County Fair.

When the parents take a respite from their jobs (Andy is an Engineering Director at Qualcomm and Susanna is a TechnicalIMG_9708 Writer/Trainer at CGI Consulting), they whisk their children off to exotic locations. Just last February, the family spent two weeks in Taiwan during Chinese New Year. “The children loved the festivities, the food and most importantly, bonding time with grandparents,” Susanna proclaimed. Spoken like a true advocate on the importance of family!


At A Glance

Parents:  Andy Hsu and Susanna He
Community:  4S Ranch / Palomino since December 2009
Parent’s Hometown:  Andy – Kaohsiung, Taiwan;
Susanna – Harbin, China
Parent’s Occupation:  Andy – Director, Qualcomm;
Susanna – Technical Writer / Trainer, CGI Consulting
Children:  April Hsu (10) – Stone Ranch, 4th grade
Aaron Hsu (7) – Stone Ranch, 1st grade