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 Setting his Sights on a Career in Law or Politics,  JP Fisher Plans on Continuing to Make a Difference

Jonathan “JP” Fisher is only 18 years old, but already he has accomplished great things. Upon his graduation from Del Norte High School (DNHS), he is now getting ready to head off to college this fall, and plans to take his success to the next level. By the look of things, he will have no problem doing so.
Always passionate about baseball, JP played on the varsity team at DNHS, where he pitched and played infield and outfield. “I have been involved in baseball since I could walk,” said JP. “I went to my first Padres game at two-weeks-old. My dad bought me my first baseball glove and I’ve yet to put my glove down.” He is excited about playing at the collegiate level next year, where he will be a part of the team for Bard College, located in New York along the Hudson River.


Aside from playing baseball next fall, JP will pursue a bachelor’s degree with a major in Political Science – and area where he has much familiarity. “AP Government was a great introduction into my future educational path,” JP explained. His work as an intern for Duncan Hunter also provided him with invaluable exposure into politics, and even earned him congressional recognition for his time spent working for a congressman. “Working for Congressman Hunter was a privilege and an honor,” shared JP. “It was a great opportunity to see how I can affect our system.”


JP has also dedicated much of his time to volunteering for the community – specifically

IMG_9555for the KIVA House, a non-profit organization that helps women affected by domestic violence. “I enjoy giving back to the community whenever I possibly can,” he offered. “I want to help others, especially children. I realize how many opportunities that I have had and I want to help others to give them a leg up when I can.”


JP explained that he is inspired not by one person, but rather from “anyone who is able to turn failure into success.”

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“Working for Congressman Hunter was a privilege and an honor. It was a great opportunity to see how I can affect our system.”
~ JP Fisher


After college, he plans to attend law school at Columbia University and later pursue a career in law or politics. When asked what one would find surprising about him, JP replied, “My ability to never give up no matter how hard things seem to get.” With this kid’s incredible ambition and determination, it is certain; no one would be very surprised by that at all.