Whether you need some help hiding your valuables, want a neat place to stash some cash, or are curious about new storage ideas, these tips will get you thinking about transforming items in your home into secretive
hiding spots. Most of the tips incorporate items already available at home.

1. The New and Improved Hollowed-Out Book Trick
Instead of using one book, use several books with a plywood box attached to the back. Fold back the covers of the books on the left and right sides of the assembly before cutting pages so that the sides of the books aren’t visible. Next, cut out the pages of the book with a band saw (a jigsaw works too). Build a plywood box to fit the opening and glue the book parts to the box with construction adhesive.

2. Buried Treasure
Roll up some cash, put it in a watertight container, and bury the container in a potted plant. For quicker access place a pine cone or stone over the container.

3. Cabinet Hide-away
Take advantage of the ½ inch gap between your upper kitchen cabinets by hanging a manila envelope there. Place binder clips that are wide enough to hold the envelope in place at the top.

4. Counterfeit Containers
Clean empty cleaning supply bottles, cans, or jars, and spray paint (if needed) using a color similar to the contents of the container. Then stash your money, keys, passport etc.

5. Wall Art
Cover an old medicine cabinet with a mounted and hinged work of art and voilà – you have a decorative, functional hiding place.