Game Changer

Viva Merch, a sister company to ZCode Media, provides sophisticated screen-printing and silk-printing services to San Diego businesses, bands, schools, and charities with high-quality printed shirts and other apparel. But this past month, Viva Merch has had a technological makeover. “Our new printing equipment is a game changer,” said Nick Martin, Viva Merch’s Director of Operations.

Viva Merch has recently acquired new equipment that allows them to produce a wider range of shirts. Making Viva Merch one of the most sophisticated printing facilities in Southern California, these new presses have sky-rocketed productivity, allowing Viva Merch to handle any size order that is sent their way. Whether it is one shirt or fifty-thousand shirts, Viva Merch can handle the job with the same finesse and care that their reputation is built upon, and now at a faster rate and an extremely competitive pricing structure.












Have an idea for a shirt? Viva Merch can take your idea or artwork and create your custom shirt using traditional printing methods or a sophisticated water-based ink system. No need to deal with order minimums, screen fees, color separation, or any technical design knowledge. Viva Merch has it covered.

“Our new printing equipment is a game changer”
Nick Martin
Director of Operations

Along with the new expansion, Viva Merch has also become the only authorized training facility in San Diego to offer the Ryonet® Silk Screen Experience screen-printing classes. People interested in learning how to make their own shirts can sign up for the monthly seminars starting in April 2014.

So whether it’s volume printing, high-end designer apparel, or low-cost branding giveaway shirts, Viva Merch has all of the solutions for every organization. With the guarantee to meet or beat any quoted price, there isn’t a more reliable option. Call 858-208-0255 or visit to get started.