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Leading the Way

Ariella Sosis speaks Russian, graduated high school at 16, and is now a junior at MiraCosta College. Along with being an honors scholar and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, she volunteers in her local and collegiate communities. What’s next for Ariella Sosis?

“It is my ultimate dream to run a nonprofit organization or social business,” reflected Ariella (and on the side, a singing career). With a degree in business, she aspires to “leave a legacy of positive change in the world.”
Ariella credits her positive college experience to the high-quality faculty members that give endless support to students – recommendation letters, career planning, and in their teaching. “Often, it isn’t the subject, it’s the professor that makes a class for me,” affirmed Ariella.

Home for Ariella Sosis is 4S Ranch, where she has lived since she was 5. On campus, she’s a leader for communicating civility and tolerance.

She founded MiraCosta’s Hillel Club when she saw an opportunity to create a Jewish community, soon joined by more than 100 student members of all faiths. As a college ambassador, she works with returning veterans struggling with PTSD. She also became a student advocate for a veteran’s center on the Oceanside campus. She’s also a meticulous note taker for disabled students.

“Music is the song of the soul and it impassions my every day.”

On a very personal level, she’s involved in health awareness. “Unfortunately, many Ashkenazi Jews face genetic gastrointestinal diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, which almost killed my mother and sister,” said Ariella. She founded Oil Me for Research, a nonprofit that spreads awareness for Crohn’s disease through custom graphics, T-shirts and local art.

A lifelong love of music balances this young community leader. “Music is the song of the soul and it impassions me every day,” reflected Ariella. She’s been singing all her life and learned guitar in her teens. In 2012, she received the Certificate of Merit in Music Theory and Piano Mastery.

Her inspirations are both worldly and right at home. Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus’ microloan program for the world’s poor people is one of her greatest inspirations. Her sisters and parents are her mentors, encouraging her to extend from comfort zones and to reach her dreams beyond doubt.

Her training as a sales and marketing intern in the watches division of Versace gives her experience in international business. Time will tell where Ariella is headed next – she’s laying the ground for a positive future.


Name: Ariella Golda Sosis (19)
School: MiraCosta College
Parents: Michael and Larisa Sosis
Siblings: Esther Sosis (29) and Bella Sosis (22)
Favorite Place in 92127: Driving Carmel Valley Rd. into 4S Ranch at night: “The lights and fresh mountain air are simply magical.”