A Budding Philanthropist

The Starr family has always loved vacations to far-off tropical places. Their family motto is “We live on a big planet! Life is too short not to go see it!” When they decided to travel to Belize, the family came across Zion Elementary School in their research, and discovered the school was in dire need of supplies. Daughter India Starr decided to take matters into her own hands and go above and beyond for this foreign school.

India, a 6th grader from Oak Valley Middle School, cleaned out her closet and sold the items she no longer needed. She used the funds to purchase school supplies and together with her family, they brought the supplies to Zion Elementary School during their trip. She was able to meet and greet the students at the school as well. Nicki Starr, India’s mother, said. “It was a very humbling experience for her at such a young age. The entire experience was life changing for us as a family. India realized that not all kids grow up in situations like she is blessed to be from.”

Now dubbed “Project School Supplies: Belize”, the Starr family is already planning their return trip to the tropical nation, along with plans to continually raise more funds and supplies for Zion Elementary. “If people would like to donate new school supplies or new or used children’s books (grade levels for books: K – 8), we will happily accept donations and get them to Belize,” said Nicki. You can contact Nicki Starr for more information about donations by emailing her at nickistarr@sbcglobal.net.