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Health Nuts

Drawn to a community with lots of young families and a great school district, Devin and Shreya Shea moved to 4S Ranch in 2009 and opened their business – Shea Family Chiropractic. Devin is a chiropractor, and Shreya supports the family business and works part time as a pediatric physician assistant with Family Health Centers. Wanting to spend the maximum time possible with their two boys, Shreya works only on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Devin spends a daddy day at home every Tuesday.

Devin and Shreya met at UC Irvine where Devin received his Bachelor’s degree in sociology and Shreya transferred to UCLA and earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. They then both traveled and worked in Europe before Devin received his Doctor of Chiropractic at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and Shreya received her Master’s of Physician Assistant at Western University.

The Sheas live a healthy lifestyle which includes chiropractic adjustments, growing their own vegetables, Crossfit and outdoor activities, eating fruits, veggies, meats, nuts and seeds while avoiding dairy, grains and processed sugar. Three-year-old son Kieren recently asked what a donut was, and Shreya shared, “We turned off cable TV three years ago and don’t miss it.”

Kieren, known for his large vocabulary and love of books, attends preschool at Turtleback Elementary and will soon attend the new Design39Campus. He recently began martial arts and is in his fourth session of Little Rascalz Soccer.

Dylan is the newest Shea family addition. Devin sped down the freeway to UCSD at the last minute because Shreya wanted to deliver naturally without medication. She faced the opposite way in the passenger seat with the windows down and barked orders to find a relaxing radio station between contractions. Twenty minutes after reaching the hospital, Dylan arrived. He is now full of smiles and enjoys watching his brother.

Both Devin and Shreya volunteer. On weekends Devin conducts free workshops on chiropractic care, paleo nutrition, functional movement and stress management. He also provides free chiropractic care in Guatemala. Shreya works with the underserved pediatric population and enjoys helping children adopt healthy lifestyles.

For fun, the Sheas travel. They developed a love of Thai food from a month long Thailand trip, and they recently swam with dolphins and fed stingrays in Jamaica. Shreya boasted, “Kieren was very brave and didn’t shy away from the stingrays at all. Even Dylan got to touch a dolphin.”


Parents: Shreya Patel Shea and Devin Matthew Shea
Children: Kieren Matthew Shea (3, Turtleback Elementary)
Dylan Matthew Shea (6 months)
Community: 4S Ranch since 2009
Hometowns: Shreya – Fullerton, CA; Devin – San Diego, CA
Ocupations: Shreya – Pediatric Physician Assistant;
Devin – Owner and Chiropractor of Shea Family Chiropractic
Favorite Places to Visit in 4S Ranch: Shea Family Chiropractic, Crossfit Barracks, Community Garden plot, Patriot and Pioneer Splash Park, 4S Commons