by LINDA FRABL | photos provided by The Dollhouse Studio

The Largest “Themed” Photography Studio in San Diego

Who knew that all of those hours spent playing with Barbies could ultimately result in a lucrative future? That childhood pastime prompted Heather Young Leary, Owner/Manager of Forever Young Parties and Events (FYPE, Inc.), to recently open up the photography studio component of her business, called the Dollhouse Studio. Heather explained, “When I was a little girl, I created an entire Barbie world in my basement. I was so focused on the details that would make up these scenes that sometimes it became too late in the day to even play with the dolls themselves. But I didn’t mind. The important thing was to create the perfect setting for the perfect imaginary interaction.”

That perfect setting is now The Dollhouse Studio, the largest “themed” photography studio in San Diego. Composed of sixteen mini-themed rooms and thousands of corresponding props, the rooms were originally intended to just showcase the different FYPE Inc. party-theme ideas. But Heather admitted, “I realized what beautiful photographs could be taken in the different rooms! So we created the Dollhouse Studio, because we believe you are never too old to play pretend!”

“It is a perfect venue where I can display all of my fabulous props and party concepts to potential clients. I invite you to come and play with us!” ~ Heather Young Leary

The room vignette themes include Candyland, Alice in Wonderland, Beach Party (“With sand!” Heather interjected), French-Vintage Circus, County Fair, Chalkboard School, Carousel, Paper Moon (“We can put anyone on the moon!”), Versailles, Front Porch, Retro Kitchen, Fashionable Clothes Closet, the Party Wall, Frozen (based on the Disney movie), NYC Penthouse and the Green Room (green screen walls).

MP_DollHouse1If Heather seems adept at creating lush Hollywood-type sets, it should come as no surprise that she once worked on soundstages at Paramount Studios. That insatiable thirst to collect fun props fully manifested itself after the birth of her daughter, Estella, eight years ago. Heather exclaimed, “Estella was so full of life, that I began wanting to document every part of it. Hence began a yearly birthday party celebration in her honor, each with an incredible amount of attention to detail.”

That “attention to detail” included amassing enough party props to fill up the family garage, as well as two offsite storage-sheds. After her husband encouraged her to move the items elsewhere, Heather spent weeks searching for what is now her 4,200 square foot company site. Heather exclaimed, “It is a perfect venue where I can display all of my fabulous props and party concepts to potential clients. I invite you to come and play with us!”


DollHouse_LogoName of Business: The Dollhouse Studio at Forever Young Parties and Events (FYPE, Inc.)
Owner/Manager: Heather Young Leary
Years in Position: 2
Year of Establishment: 2012
(went corporate March 2013)
Address: 8250 Camino Santa Fe,
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-625-0234
Description of Business: All inclusive theme party planning services including incredible photo shoots (everything from graduation to sweet 16 birthday shoots) on site at The Dollhouse Studio.