by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

Join the Club

Sabina Szonn is a very driven person, fueled by a love of learning, a desire to stretch beyond her comfort zone, and a passion for working with others. This outlook was perfect for her career as a senior project manager and interface designer at an international software company, but what was she going to do once she wanted to start a family? Her priorities had shifted dramatically, but still the drive was there. She decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate herself full-time to creating a healthy family. “At the time the decision seemed like one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make,” Sabina explained, “however, taking a break from the corporate world has been the best thing for me and my family.”

Del Sur seemed to be the most family – and community-oriented neighborhood for them, so they moved in 2007. Sabina employed her drive and organization to start a very important organization: a mom’s club. “Providing a new mom with a strong social support system can positively impact her physically and emotionally,” she said, “thus positively impacting her family.” She started the Del Sur Mom’s club five years ago with friends from around the community. The 12 women started in 2009 with play dates and stroller walks, but thanks to social media and new development, the club has been growing about 100 members per year. “It currently has over 575 members and is one of the largest mom’s clubs in San Diego,” Sabina shared.


Local businesses began to notice the uniqueness of the club and have started to sponsor it in a number of ways. Moms in the club work together to collect items for their local firefighters and families in need and support each other in business and career goals. They have a Meals for Moms program delivering homemade food to new moms, and they create fun events such as wine and canvas nights, spa nights, yoga classes, tea parties, and costume swaps, including a big July 4th parade.

Sabina also volunteers her time in any way she can, from hospice care to Girl Scout Daisy Troop Leader, but said, “My personal plan is to continue to be a happy mom and enjoy these wonderful years with my children.” Her advice to those who wish to be more active in their communities? “Know what lights the spark in you and always let your passion drive you.”



Name: Sabina Szonn
Profession: Former Senior Program Manager and Senior Interface Designer at international software company, currently Full-Time Mom
Community: Del Sur since 2007
Interests: Zumba, hot yoga, spending time with friends and family
Favorite Local Spots: Torrey Pines State Reserve, Del Mar Powerhouse Park, NaPizza, CorePower Yoga