by LINDA FRABL | photos by Spark Photography

Wrestling Winner

This seven-year-old second grader at Stone Ranch Elementary may have relocated from the Netherlands to 4S Ranch when he was just five years old, but Dominic Bozanic still has vivid memories from his native country. Dominic shared, “I remember the canals, the swans, the small boats, and riding my bicycle in the beautiful forest.”

A specific memory from Dominic’s pre-USA days exemplifies his energetic and optimistic personality. Dominic recalled a particular summer when the river had dredged up heaps of mud, but it wasn’t a total catastrophe, as Dominic explained, “When the mud settled and dried, it created a hill. I enjoyed running up and down on it, because there weren’t many hills in the Netherlands.”


Dominic still enjoys being active, especially when it involves wrestling. He wrestles with Team Puma Wrestling (they practice at Cathedral Catholic High School), and in 2014 Dominic had two major wins. He came in first place in his age bracket at the USA Wrestling Tour of America Tournament in Spokane, WA, and he placed first in the California State Games in Wrestling, which took place at Qualcomm Stadium.

Now Dominic is in the top ten in the country for his weight class and age group, according to the USA Wrestling 2014-2015 Rankings. Despite these accolades, Dominic humbly revealed, “I am far from being ‘the best,’ and I still have much work to do to achieve my goals. Each year it gets more challenging… and more rewarding!”


Many of the skills Dominic developed while training for wrestling have also helped him with his academic learning. Dominic said, “When I lose in wrestling it is because I did not prepare well. It is very similar to school. If I do poorly on a test it is my fault. Also, if I do well on a test or in a wrestling match it is because of my preparation. Wrestling is a good preparation for life.”

When he isn’t wrestling Dominic plays baseball, basketball, and football. He also loves his iPad games, “Madden Mobile is one of my favorites!” Dominic revealed. At school Dominic earns good grades and he is especially fond of science. He elaborated, “Science makes me think more about the environment and what’s happening around us in nature.” Discussing the possible reasons for his great successes thus far, Dominic wisely said, “Self-confidence and sportsmanship go a long way!”




Name: Dominic James Bozanic (8 on April 17)
School: Stone Ranch Elementary School
Grade: 2nd
Parents: Olya and Michael Bozanic
Siblings: Alexiya Jordan Bozanic (8), Anna Mariya Bozanic (6)
Favorite Place in 92127: Boys & Girls Club