by AMY LEHRER | photos by Spark Photography

Accomplished TV/Film Producer and Devoted Dad Treasures his Life

Despite challenges, Scott Manville achieved success and remains positive. He moved to Los Angeles to attend the Lee Strasberg Institute where he discovered his “love for writing” and “became a struggling screenwriter,” even losing his apartment and living in a pool shed. “Those were the toughest years,” he reminisced, “but every failure brought a new opportunity.” He obtained a job with Merv Griffin Entertainment as a runner, which evolved to assistant to assistants, then to reader for producers, then to receiving an actual desk after “cooking up a few projects that made it to the network.” He learned to write pitches, think, and juggle multiple projects, often up to 50 at once. Working with six in-house producers, he also learned how producers operated and how to develop projects. He used this knowledge to launch The Television Writer’s Vault, a website that enables producers to scout concepts to develop shows. His website became the industry’s online marketplace and is used by top tier producers. Scott explained, “We’ve had shows discovered and aired globally on Lifetime TV, Discovery Channel, A&E, Syfy, and others.” More recently he finished a TV series, is in negotiations for adapting a story for a feature film, and is partnering with a company to develop the next-level marketplace for the industry.


Scott values the people he has worked with and the knowledge he has accumulated, and he would love to help others succeed too. For those wishing to pursue his career, he advises finding stories and subjects that are entertaining and introduce new worlds. He recommended, “Cut your own path, connect with creative/positive people, and feel free to contact me –”

Scott recognizes his current blessings also. Choosing not to raise a family in LA, he discovered San Diego with his wife. Now a single father of twin four-year-olds, he cherishes his children and appreciates 4S Ranch for its amenities and family-focused activities. “We’ve been through a lot this past year and have come out the other side even closer with a very full and fun life together,” he shared. “Being their dad is a blessing, and I’m fortunate to have the flexibility in my professional life to focus my time and care for them.”

During free time, Scott enjoys golfing, cycling, traveling to Napa, and playing with his children. He marveled, “My son told me I’m the ‘Best Dad in the Whole World.’ What other award does a guy need?”



Name: Scott Manville
Profession: TV/Film Producer
Community: 4S Ranch since 2011
Interests: Golf, food and wine, cycling, writing, anything with my kids
Favorite Local Spots: RB Inn for golf, dining, spa, Pioneer Park with my kids