by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Spark Photography

Wonder Woman

Ten years ago, Erin Leventhal had just moved back to San Diego from Washington, D.C. Upon her return, Erin found that while she was gone most of her UCSD friends had moved away. “I wanted to meet fun, community-minded women and serve my community at the same time,” recalled Erin. And so she joined the Junior League of San Diego, an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. “During my time in the Junior League, I have transitioned from a newlywed to a first-time mom and am now proud to serve as the president of the Junior League of San Diego!” exclaimed Erin. “The last decade in the organization has brought me some of my closest friends, biggest opportunities, and most precious memories.”

The Junior League of San Diego has a unique mission of improving the lives of transition-age foster youth while also teaching women to be leaders in the community. “Over the course of our 85-year history, the Junior League has delivered tens of thousands of trained women volunteers into San Diego’s nonprofit community,” noted Erin.



As president of the organization, Erin is excited about this year’s events. “In April, the Junior League is launching its first-ever Solutions Summit, which will bring social workers, legislators, nonprofit agencies and other stakeholders together to collaborate on action-ready solutions to critical issues San Diego’s transition-age youth face,” explained Erin. The group’s 2015 fundraiser will be the Junior League of San Diego Food & Wine Festival, complete with a Kentucky Derby theme, set to take place on May 2 at La Jolla Cove. “This event is for anyone who loves food and wine – or even just a beautiful day overlooking the water!” stated Erin.

Apart from logging in long hours as a dedicated volunteer, Erin is also a devoted wife to her husband, Joe, and full-time mother to her three children, Gracie (7), Laurel (5), and Jake (3). “Between my three small children, my full-time volunteer work, and helping with my husband’s law firm, Leventhal Law, I don’t have much time for hobbies!” joked Erin. “Our schedules make the time we do get to spend relaxing with friends and family – which usually includes great food and wine – even more special.”

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Group: Junior League of San Diego
Purpose: Women’s Training/Volunteer Organization

Name: Erin Leventhal
Community: Santa Monica
Volunteer Affiliation: Junior League of San Diego
Occupation: Technology writer
Family: Husband – Joe; Daughters – Gracie (7) and Laurel (5); Son – Jake (3)
Interests: Volunteering, reading, performing arts