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Help for Hearing Loss

The simple act of hearing life’s daily sounds is often taken for granted. The grandchildren giggling, a conversation with a friend, a favorite song, talking on the phone – the loss of hearing impacts the quality of our lives and our relationships, often leading to feelings of isolation and insecurity. With today’s technology and an expert team of doctors and staff, restoring these sounds is possible. Advanced Hearing Solutions provides patients with a wide range of services to assist with hearing needs, including hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, custom ear buds, ear molds, and much more.

During their initial pressure-free consultation at Advanced Hearing Solutions, patients have an opportunity to get to know the staff and feel comfortable with the providers. “The first visit is about getting to know your situation and setting expectations,” explained Stephanie Slali, Au.D. The initial consultation is free and helps eliminate patients’ concerns about taking this first step. This is just one of many reasons why Advanced Hearing Solutions receives so many new patients through referrals. “We provide patients with excellent, honest medical care and advice so they feel comfortable trusting us with their loved ones,” Dr. Slali noted.


The experience and expertise of the doctors and staff contribute greatly to their reputation. What makes Advanced Hearing Solutions truly unique is the collaboration with the Ear, Nose, and Throat physician and staff at Rancho ENT. Dr. Wadhwa, a board certified Otolaryngologist, is located in the adjacent office and is available to provide medical or surgical consultation for hearing loss if needed. This partnership allows the practice to provide comprehensive care for hearing or other ear-related issues. The audiologists at Advanced Hearing Solutions have over 40 years of combined experience. Stephanie Slali, Au.D. and Jodi Wojcik, Au.D. are committed to understanding individual needs, educating their patients, and offering the best treatment options available. The doctors work closely not only with their patients but also the hearing aid manufacturers to understand and present the latest technology. For example, the new Phonak hearing instruments automatically adapt to more listening situations than ever before. These devices can accurately capture sound and blend elements to provide a seamless listening experience. “Patients with hearing devices from two years ago would not have the compatibility with iPhones and iPads that is available now,” observed Dr. Wojcik.

“We provide patients with excellent, honest medical care and advice so
they feel comfortable trusting us with their loved ones.”

From pediatric to geriatric, building relationships and connecting with each patient is crucial to the mission at Advanced Hearing Solutions. The goal is to provide personal attention and find the optimal treatment plan for each patient, whether it be medical, surgical, or technological. The entire team is committed to serving the community with excellent medical care in a friendly and accessible environment.



Name of Business: Advanced Hearing Solutions
Providers: Jodi Wojcik, Au.D. and
Stephanie Slali, Au.D.
Year of Establishment: 2010
Address: 12630 Monte Vista Rd. Suite 210,
Poway, CA 92064
Email Contact:
Phone: 858-312-1327
Description of Business: Advanced Hearing Solutions provides exceptional care and education to their patients. Servicing the communities of Poway and Rancho Bernardo for five years now, they help their patients discover a new world of better hearing. They help patients with all aspects of their hearing healthcare, providing medical, surgical, and technological solutions.

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