by LINDA FRABL | photo by Spark Photography

Preventing Vascular Disease

If we had the ability to look into a magic crystal ball and foresee a major catastrophe in the future, we would most likely do everything in our power to prevent that disaster from occurring. Del Sur resident Dr. Alexander Chang may not have a magic crystal ball, but he does have the medical training that enables him to prevent one type of catastrophic disaster: vascular disease. As a board member for the Vascular Care Foundation, Alexander feels it is his duty to increase the public’s knowledge of vascular disease and help reduce its dire consequences by encouraging early detection via screenings.

As Alexander explained, “Most people don’t know that they have vascular disease until they have had something very serious happen [e.g., a stroke, gangrene of the leg, a problem with an aneurysm of a blood vessel, etc.]. But most of these processes can be treated safely and easily before catastrophic events happen; we just need to know about them. This is why screening is so important.”

Group: Vascular Care Foundation
Mission: To cure vascular disease.

With 95% of its donations being used to promote vascular disease education and screening efforts, the Vascular Care Foundation is committed to helping reduce the grim national statistics: that nearly 600,000 people die annually from vascular disease. Alexander maintained, “This number does not need to be so high! Vascular disease is a very prevalent problem, and unfortunately we see patients in the late stages of the disease which are harder to treat. The primary goals of the Vascular Care Foundation are to increase awareness and to provide an avenue for patients to be screened to improve their outcomes.”


As a vascular surgeon, Alexander devotes the majority of his free time working on behalf of the Vascular Board Foundation, but he still manages to indulge himself in some pleasurable pursuits. Alexander professed, “I enjoy the San Diego weather, especially while playing golf. My wife and I also love eating out, and we’re always trying out new restaurants in the area.” As a newlywed, Alexander shared that he and his wife are expecting their first child later this year. Because he is such a thoughtful, caring, and hard-working advocate for those with vascular disease, Alexander will surely apply those same compassionate qualities toward his growing family.

Name: Alexander Chang
Community: Del Sur
Volunteer Affiliation: Vascular Care Foundation
Profession: Vascular Surgeon
Family: Married
Hobbies: Golf, eating out