by LINDA FRABL | photos by Spark Photography

Amazing Aquatics Abilities

With almost 75% of the earth’s surface covered in water, it’s surprising that so few people fully utilize all of the aquatic opportunities available to them. MacKenzie Davey, a 4S Ranch resident who will be a senior at Cathedral Catholic High School this fall, is not one of these people. She has embraced the water world, and shared, “My true passion is the water!”

student_2It all started around the age of four when MacKenzie’s dad introduced her to surfing, and MacKenzie still celebrates all of her birthdays by taking annual surfing trips. She is also on her high school surf team and helped the girls win the state championship for women’s shortboard. “Surfing is my favorite activity to do in my free time,” MacKenzie stated.

But that’s not where her water expertise ends. MacKenzie has been playing water polo since she was a seventh grader, and she admitted, “I instantly fell in love with the sport, and I have dedicated a majority of my time training and playing it.” The hard work paid off – for the past two years MacKenzie has been selected to attend the Olympic Youth National Team Selection Camp for water polo. Only 40 girls from across the country are invited to this, and MacKenzie exclaimed, “It is my proudest accomplishment!”

MacKenzie has even utilized her affinity with water – in this case bottled water – to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award. Her project is to encourage athletes to adopt reusable water bottles. Describing the experience, MacKenzie said, “I learned how to write proposals, ask for sponsorships, coordinate people, and implement my concept. It is not easy, but very rewarding.”

When she does take a break from focusing on water, MacKenzie still stays fit by playing lacrosse for her high school team. Her team won their league and even made it to the semi-finals of the Open Division. In total, MacKenzie has earned nine Varsity letters while still maintaining an excellent GPA (she is in the NHS and has CSF honors).

With the help of her good grades, MacKenzie wants to eventually study marine biology in college. Discussing how she has already achieved so much, MacKenzie revealed, “I am a goal-driven person, and I can find the motivation and determination within myself.” Like the ocean stretching out towards the horizon, MacKenzie’s amazing aquatic abilities continue to astound us.


Meet Mackenzie

Name: MacKenzie Rose Davey (16)
School: Cathedral Catholic High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Lisa and Brian Davey
Sibling: Brendan Davey (13)
Favorite Spot in 92127: The top of Black Mountain