Swing into Summer

As we get deeper into summer in sunny San Diego, it’s the perfect time to put on your sunscreen and head out to enjoy the fresh air at a local park. Whether you want to hit the swings, take to the court, or pack a picnic, our great variety of local parks means you don’t have to leave 92127 to make the most
of summer. In addition to sharing our conversations with RB Recreation Council President Sally Grigoriev and RB Dog Park Liaison Robin Kaufman, we provide a guide to the City and County-maintained parks in 92127 as well as a list of suggested outdoor activities for the whole family. Use our guide as the starting point to embark on your own summer adventures in the parks of 92127.

Neighborhood Parks in 92127

Lots of neighborhoods in 92127 have parks of their own! Some are exclusive to neighborhood residents, but all of them are great spots to take the kids out to play – or let them roam free while you settle down with a book. Take a look at the list below and see if there’s a patch of green waiting right down the road from you.

cover_sideBeltaire HOA Park,
Beltaire Ln.

Bristol Ridge Pocket Park,
Bristol Ridge Terrace

Del Sur Neighborhood Park,
Paseo Montenero

Haaland Glen HOA Park,
Canton Ridge Terrace

High Rose HOA Park,
S. Chevy Chase

Kristen Glen HOA Park,
Concord Ridge Terrace

Liberty Park,
Ralphs Ranch Rd.

Mel Driscoll HOA Park,
Concord Ridge Terrace

Old Stonefield HOA Park and Dog Park,
Kristen Glen

Pioneer Park,
Sienna Hills Dr.

Reagan Glen HOA Park,
New Park Terrace

South Village Neighborhood Park,
Via Azul

Spreckels HOA Park,
Spreckels Pl.

Verrazano Park,
Via Monteverde

Wade HOA Park,
Tanner Ridge Rd.


Q & A with Sally Grigoriev, RB Recreation Council President

Can you tell us a bit about the RB Recreation Council and its history?
The council in its present form was chartered by the City of San Diego Department of Park and Recreation in 1993. The founding board members were Bruce Cornblum, Ove Kjelsen (deceased), and Stuart Glassman (deceased). The goal was to bring together the most community-minded recreation activists in Rancho Bernardo to create a recreation council to develop the facilities and programs offered to the community. The Recreation Center buildings were constructed in 1995, and in January of 2002 the center’s name was changed to add Stuart Glassman’s name. Glassman, who died in 2001, was a dedicated volunteer who was a champion of many recreational opportunities that came to the community.

What is the RB Recreation Council’s current role, and what communities does it serve?
The RB Recreation Council serves Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding communities. We’re a group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time to partner with the City of San Diego and advise Park and Recreation staff on matters related to park and recreation programs, facilities, community events, equipment, and improvements. In addition the council plans, promotes, publicizes, and helps provide recreation opportunities for citizens in the Rancho Bernardo community.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Rancho Bernardo Glassman Recreation Center. We encourage groups, clubs, and leagues using the park to send a representative to the meetings. Meetings are open to the public and new membership is encouraged and welcomed.

How did you personally get involved in the council? What is your current role?
I have been a volunteer for San Diego Soccer Club and RB Recreational Soccer for almost 15 years and a resident of Rancho Bernardo for over 20 years. During that time I spent many hours with my children using the RB Community Park facilities and working with the rec center organizing youth events. The rec center director had been asking me to join for years – once my kids got into high school and I had more time I decided I would give it a try. That was about five years ago, and I am currently the RB Recreation Council president.


Can you tell us a bit about the other council members?
The Recreation Council members are Dani Antique, Jeff Neyhouse, Katie Newbanks, Kelly Batten, Mike Gaylord, Nick Anastasopoulos, Oscar Eusebio, Robin Kaufman, Steve Ron, and Tom Giles. This is a great group of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers with decades of experience leading other local community groups, sports organizations, and businesses.

Can you tell us about what programs or services the RB Recreation Council provides?
The recreation center and park are located on 38 acres with two play areas, eight ball fields, two outdoor basketball courts, three large open fields for soccer and football, six tennis courts, a dog park, lawn bowling, a gazebo and picnic area, the Joslyn Senior Center, an indoor gymnasium, and rooms available for rent. The park is next to the San Dieguito River Park and Lake Hodges which offer hiking and mountain biking trails. The Rancho Bernardo Recreation Center offers many classes and programs the entire family can enjoy. In addition we hold seasonal events such as the Spring Fling and egg hunt, Halloween Carnival, winter holiday events with Santa, and Movies in the Park.

What’s in store for the future of both the council and parks in 92127?
This summer we will be hosting our first Summer Movies in the Park, a fun time for the entire family and the event is free. Also we are very excited about the additional recreation center hours that were recently approved by the City of San Diego. We just recently completed renovation of the gym floor, bleachers, and basketball equipment thanks to support from Councilman Kersey.

With the severe drought situation, the park staff is working hard to comply with the City-mandated water restrictions while doing their best to preserve the main field areas used for youth and adult sports leagues. You will see areas that are not part of the play area of the fields that are no longer irrigated as we work to achieve the needed reduction in water use.

Is there anything you’d like to share that the general public might not know about the RB Recreation Council?
The RB Recreation Council is always looking for people interested in serving the community and bringing new ideas forward. We encourage everyone to take a look at the Rec Center Program of Activities that is available on the City Park and Recreation Department website.

At-A-Glance | Sally Grigoriev

Name: Sally Grigoriev
Position: RB Recreation Council President
Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering
Family: Husband George and sons Nick (23) and Alex (20)
Interests: Volunteering, youth sports, cycling, hiking, traveling
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Cycling

At-A-Glance | RB Recreation Council

Name: Rancho Bernardo Recreation Council
Address: 18448 West Bernardo Dr., San Diego, CA 92127
Website: www.rbcommunitypark.com
Phone: 858-538-8129

City and County Parks in 92127

4S Heritage Park
Address: 16789 Deer Ridge Rd.
Hours: Sunrise – sunset
Website: www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks
Description: This park features two separate play structures, including a gated one so smaller children can play more safely. The park covers five and a half acres and is perfect for walking with family and pets.
Facilities: Picnic areas, two basketball courts, two playgrounds, walking paths

4S Homestead Park
Address: 9989 Fox Valley Way
Hours: Sunrise – sunset
Website: www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks
Description: With just over two acres of green space in the heart of 4S Ranch, 4S Homestead Park offers a great backdrop for Frisbee lessons or picnics.
Facilities: Grass field, playground, picnic areas

4S Patriot Park
Address: 10502 Paseo de Linda
Hours: Sunrise – sunset
Website: www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks
Description: 4S Patriot Park has over five acres of space including four acres of turf, right by Monterey Elementary School. The small pirate ship is a favorite part of the playground.
Facilities: Picnic areas, two basketball courts, two playgrounds

4S Ranch Community Park
Address: 16118 4S Ranch Pkwy.
Hours: Sunrise – sunset
Website: www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks
Description: Located near the 4S Ranch Boys & Girls Club, this three-acre park has plenty of shady areas. The gazebo can be reserved for special events by calling
Facilities: Gazebo, playground, picnic areas, two lighted bocce courts

4S Ranch Sports Park
Address: 16118D 4S Ranch Pkwy.
Hours: Sunrise – sunset
Website: www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks
Description: The 4S Ranch Sports Park is adjacent to the community park and serves a number of local youth sports organizations. For field status updates call 858-673-4694 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Facilities: Five baseball fields, five soccer fields, roller-hockey rink, two basketball courts, and two tennis courts

Rancho Bernardo Community Park
Address: 18448 West Bernardo Dr.
Hours: Sunrise – sunset; see website for Recreation Center hours
Website: www.rbcommunitypark.com
Description: This park’s 38 acres include the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park, the Rancho Bernardo Recreation Center, and the Ed Brown Center for Active Adults – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Facilities: Eight baseball fields, gazebo, indoor gymnasium, lawn bowling, six tennis courts, two outdoor basketball courts, two play areas


Rancho Bernardo Dog Park
Address: 18448 West Bernardo Dr.
Hours: Sunrise – sunset; closed Thursdays 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Website: www.ranchobernardodogpark.com
Description: The Rancho Bernardo Dog Park is the perfect place to bring friendly dogs for a day at the park. The off-leash area is over two acres and is divided into three pens where four-legged friends can safely roam free.
Facilities: Bag dispensers, three double-gated pens, water bowls and spigots


Q & A with Robin Kaufman, RB Dog Park Liaison

Can you tell us a bit about the RB Dog Park and its history?
The idea of having an off-leash dog park in RB came about after I was organizing my monthly standard poodle gatherings at the Poway Dog Park. We were able to rent the pens for our gatherings and I felt that RB residents needed a place where they could bring their dogs to exercise and socialize within our own community.

What communities does the dog park serve, and what are the benefits for people and pets of having a local dog park?
Besides RB residents, many who live in Poway, Escondido, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Sabre Springs, and other areas frequent our unique off-leash dog park. Not only is the dog park an excellent place for dogs to interact and develop good social skills, but it’s also a place where people with an interest in their dogs can interact with one another.

How did you personally get involved with the RB Dog Park? What is your current role?
I became involved in the concept back in 1999. As the idea grew, I spent time visiting other dog parks throughout our state and other states and communicating with those involved in dog parks throughout the country. Once I had a concept in my mind, I presented the unique idea of having three separate pens to the Park and Recreation Department. As dog park liaison, I worked closely with then-Area Manager II Bruce Martinez and other Park and Recreation employees in the full development of the park – from interviewing contractors to input on the design. Having three pens where one can be closed at any time for maintenance was the ultimate goal. As dog park liaison I interface with visitors to the off-leash dog park as well as RB Community Park staff. I answer questions and assist with issues which may arise. I also organized all past events at the dog park including the groundbreaking ceremony in September 2004 and the 10-year celebration in September 2014.


Can you tell us about the facilities available at the dog park?
The RB off-leash park has three pens – one for large dogs, one for small dogs, and one for all dogs. Each pen has a vestibule before entering a pen. You enter it via a gate. Once inside, leashes and any choke collars are to be removed. You then open another gate to enter the pen. The same principle is utilized when exiting a pen. The vestibule also enssures a dog does not accidentally exit when someone enters or leaves the dog park. If they exit the pen with someone else by accident, they will be in the vestibule and the owner can call the dog back into the pen. The goal of having three pens is twofold – to allow dogs to interact with others their same size and to be able to close one pen at any time to maintain it while still having two pens opened. The RB off-leash dog park is also unique as it has natural slopes in each pen as opposed to other off-leash dog parks which are basically level. The natural slopes allow dogs more exercise. We have shade trees, a water spigot, several benches, and a number of doggy pot bag containers in each pen as well as throughout the community park. We also have a dual drinking fountain outside of the three pens.

What are the dog park’s hours? Are there any important rules that people should keep in mind when bringing their dogs out?
The RB off-leash dog park is opened from dawn until dusk. Rules are clearly posted at the entrance of each pen and on our website. The one thing we would like to emphasize is that the dog park is a place for dogs to play and interact. It is not a playground for humans. We encourage people to have their children play in the remaining 38 acres of the community park.

What’s in store for the future of the park? Any new developments in the works?
Due to the drought we will no longer be able to maintain or upgrade the grass which is presently in each pen. We have actually stopped all water to the turf, but we are watering the trees in each pen. We will be looking at other possible material for the ground which would not require water. This may be a longterm process as our dog park is quite large and any material can be costly. We are also looking into possible shade structures for each pen. Again, due to the price, this will be a longterm project.

At-A-Glance | Robin Kaufman

Name: Robin Kaufman
Position: RB Dog Park Liaison
Family: Large extended family throughout Rancho Bernardo and Poway
Interests: Volunteering, especially with my three certified therapy dogs
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking with my standard poodles and their standard poodle buddies

At-A-Glance | RB Dog Park

Name: Rancho Bernardo Dog Park
Address: 18448 West Bernardo Dr., San Diego, CA 92127
Website: www.ranchobernardodogpark.com
Phone: 858-538-8129

Things to Do at the Park

Let the Dogs Out: But make sure they stay leashed unless you’re at an off-leash park! Most dogs love exploring new territories beyond the neighborhood sidewalks. If you know your dogs are friendly, parks are a great place to introduce them to a variety of people. Remember to bring doggy bags and a water bowl.

Outdoor Office: Did any of your teachers ever take the class outside on sunny days? Be your own favorite teacher and cast a new light on your work by heading to a nearby park to catch up on your paperwork or help your kid with homework. The fresh environment can boost both your productivity and your mental health.

Party It Up: Local parks are great birthday venues no matter how old you’re turning. Some have gazebos or other facilities you can reserve for special events – see
www.sandiegocounty.gov/parks and www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation to learn more. Remember to clean up after your event and leave the park pristine for the next day’s party guests.

Picnic at the Park: Pack an easy meal with your friend,
significant other, or family and head out to dine in the fresh air. Either bring a blanket to spread out on the grass or take advantage of available picnic tables – though you may want to spread a cloth over the outdoor table anyway. Keep food covered and make sure napkins don’t blow away.

Playground Playdate: Instead of inviting your kid’s friends over to your house, invite them out to the park and let them loose for some lightly supervised fun. Be sure to bring along snacks and sunscreen depending on when you head out. You can also take turns every week with the other parents so everyone gets an afternoon to themselves.

Rest and Relaxation: Bring a blanket and a book and kick back for a relaxing start to your summer
reading – or skip the book and just take a nap. Either enjoy the sounds of birds chirping and children playing or take charge of your relaxation soundtrack by bringing along music and earbuds. Don’t forget the sunscreen if you think you might fall asleep at noon.

Sports and Games:
Playing catch sounds simple, but first you have to decide what you’re catching – a baseball, football, Frisbee, lacrosse ball, soccer ball, or something else? If you or a family member is on a sports team, playing catch in the park is a great way to keep everyone’s skills sharp. You can also play games that don’t need equipment, like Hide and Seek, Red Light Green Light, and Red Rover.

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