by LINDA FRABL | photos by Spark Photography

The Magic of Collaboration


If you’ve dined at Capri Blu in 4S Ranch recently, you probably noticed the vibrant “Canyon” series of canvases gracing its walls, credited to an artist named Temáre. What you may not have known is that Temáre is actually composed of two local Rancho Bernardo women, Terry Anderson and Marlene Levitt, both of whom are not only grandmothers but successful artistic collaborators. In 2007 the women began their Temáre enterprise, a combination of the first few letters in their first names.

Name: Terry Anderson
Profession: Artist
Community: Rancho Bernardo since 1994
Interests: Reading, golfing, tennis, ping pong, photography, music, traveling
Favorite Local Spots: Rancho Bernardo Inn, Capri Blu Italian Bistro, and Mama Cella’s

Name: Marlene Levitt
Profession: Television Production
Community: Seven Oaks since 1996
Interests: Music, art, and acting as an official observer for yacht races
Favorite Local Spots: Seven Oaks, San Diego Bay, the entire San Diego art community

faces_andersonlevitt2Specializing in abstract pieces, Temáre has already provided custom artwork for several businesses. Terry cheerfully commented, “We like to say that Temáre can transform any environment, from the board room to the bedroom.” Marlene added, “Terry and I are always experimenting with new ideas, and we plan to continue showing our abstracts within the wonderful San Diego art community.”

Both women grew up about 45 minutes from each other in the Midwest (Marlene is from Detroit, MI and Terry is from Toledo, OH) but didn’t meet each other until 2005 when both were in the Rancho Bernardo Art Association. It was originally Marlene who suggested the two of them work on canvasses together. Terry recalled, “To paint with another person on the same canvas seemed really out there! However, we managed to put our egos aside and get excited every time we hit the canvas, and the freedom of expression it brings is the biggest reward.”

faces_andersonlevitt3Elaborating on their unique free-form painting method, Marlene explained, “We paint on the same canvas together at the same time, never having anything in mind at first other than color and balance. What develops is magic to us. It allows us to explore a freer and looser type of art, and at the same time, it has enhanced our great friendship!”

Marlene, a TV producer, didn’t start painting until she took an art class at the age of 50, and she prefers using acrylics and color. Terry, a former marketing/travel manager, has actually been dabbling in art since high school, and works mainly in oils and acrylics. Marlene exclaimed, “I’ve vowed to devote the rest of my life to the arts and that’s what I’ve been doing!” Terry concurred, saying, “I was always interested in art, but did very little with it for many years. I knew it was time to get serious about it and I haven’t stopped since!”