by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

The Great Equalizer

Log rolling is a sport Holly Zamoyski has practiced her entire life. She grew up in a Seattle neighborhood called Laurelhurst where, rain or shine, summer days were spent at a neighbor’s beach club, log rolling.
Local_athlete2As a shy child, the versatility appealed to her. “I felt perfectly comfortable and accepted if I was quiet up on the log,” Holly said. “Similarly, if I wanted a conversation, one was often available with the other people on the log.” Now she returns to Seattle every summer to revisit this passion, but Holly also rolls right along here in San Diego. The sport is a great upper body workout and agility challenge – as the initial ‘up-then-fall’ pattern improves to more ‘up’ than ‘fall’, it is a core and leg strengthener. “At every level smiles and laughs are inevitable with crazy falls into the water!” Holly shared.

Local_athlete3Last year, Holly read an article about the increasing popularity of log rolling in the U.S. A Minnesota company called Key Log sparked her interest and she was excited to find they were coming to San Diego to demonstrate their synthetic logs. She was able to buy one of her own, which, attached to the back of her black van, has turned into a recognizable feature around town. Some people ask what the log looks like, and what’s in the red tube. “No, that’s the log. It’s not in that red tube, it is that red tube,” she laughed. She’s used the log in Mission Bay, high school and backyard pools, and even open ocean. “Every group I’ve introduced the log to loves it, whether they participate or spectate.”

The whole family loves the water – Holly’s husband is an All-American water polo player, and her three children, ages 16, 13, and 10, also play water polo. They’ve recently put in a backyard pool for all of their water activities. Now that she has these advantages, Holly expects to improve and compete in the 2016 master’s novice log rolling competition held in Minnesota each summer. She plans to promote and support log rolling in San Diego by sharing all she has learned through Key Logs, with a hope for designing her own line of recreational logs someday. “One of my favorite parts about log rolling is the unique vantage point. I enjoy being up there and seeing the 360 degrees of water views and activity around me.”


Name: Holly Zamoyski
Profession: Systems Engineer with D&K Engineering
Community: 4S Ranch since 2004
Hobbies: Playing at the beach with my family, hiking with my dogs, log rolling
Favorite Places in 92127: Black Mountain trails