by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

Importance of Communication

In 2004, Eric Robertson saw a commercial about Del Sur. The appeal of the area stuck with him, and after some time spent with friends who resided there, he brought his family in 2011. “It’s great for kids and it’s close to everything we need,” Eric said. Eric is a professor of Communications, currently at MiraCosta College, and the flexibility of his schedule allows him more family time. “I have a beautiful wife named Kim and two awesome boys named Eli (6) and Tyler (3),” he smiled.

He completed his undergraduate work at Cal Poly SLO and graduate studies at SDSU, where his high school debate experience led him to be a debate coach at SDSU and a career in the Communications field. “I love my work,” Eric explained. “I get to spend every day helping people improve their communication skills. It’s a job that has a very clear and real payoff in the lives of the people I serve.” MiraCosta acknowledged his work in this important field by recognizing Eric this year as Teacher of the Year. Previous to that, he won Most Influential Faculty Member in School of Communication when he was working at SDSU. “I also was named Fifth Hottest Professor in America by in 2010! My wife loved that one,” Eric joked.

Name: Eric Robertson
Profession: Professor of Communication
Hobbies & Interests: Tennis, camping, and startups
Favorite Local Spots: Sushi on the Rock, Starbucks, 4S Ranch Library, Soapy Joe’s

Eric is involved with some other projects, and he’s enthused with the idea of startups. He’s currently working with a company called Makerthreads, a startup that’s changing how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is taught. “We are running a Kickstarter right now for a product called SCIO,” he shared. “I absolutely love the energy of taking an idea and making it real.” As far as community assistance, the startup has volunteered in many places to help teach kids how to code and experience STEM education. Once the Kickstarter is finished they will probably reach out to more 92127 schools to show them what’s been built. “Typically we are helping out with traditionally underserved communities to show how even those with no experience and resources can thrive with the right equipment.”

As a face of 92127, Eric Robertson has clear-cut goals for the future. “I want to keep teaching, make sure I always have time for family, and stay involved with startups and the community,” he said. “Everything else is a bonus.”