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How an Attorney and Realtor are Redefining Boundaries Within Our Community

This is not just another story about two Realtors®. Rather, it’s a story of experiences, relationships, and how two people are reinventing real estate.

Picture a successful real estate agent with over 11 years of experience. His clients were thrilled with their results, yet Matt felt something was missing. Suddenly, a question popped into his mind. “Other states require an attorney to be a part of a residential real estate transaction: why not California?” Then it hit him. Wouldn’t clients feel better knowing that their real estate agent was also an attorney?

“Other states require an attorney to be a part of a residential real estate transaction: why not California?

Enter Michelle Kolker, a UCLA and USD School of Law graduate with nine years of experience as a Deputy City Attorney. She brought with her an analytical and detail-oriented problem solving mind. It didn’t take long for Michelle to identify something else missing from her local real estate community: an expert on how the opening of Design39Campus affected school boundaries. “What tax district do I need to be in so my child can get in to this incredible new school?” This question from a client led the Kolkers to create the Boundaries Matter Map, as well as the only online search tool for Design39Campus-eligible homes ( By creating a visual of school boundaries, Mello-Roos tax districts, and specific neighborhoods eligible to attend all public schools in 92127, including Design39Campus, the Kolkers offer information and expertise otherwise not accessible all in one place.


As residents of 92127, parents, and supporters of Design39Campus, Matt and Michelle are dedicated to building the community through event sponsorship and various donation programs. With over $5,000 in donations to Design39Campus in 2015 (a drone and 3D printer to name a few), the Kolkers have a goal to exceed $10,000 in donations to the school in 2016. Matt and Michelle are both active volunteers at the school, where they are excited to help the new blended 92127 community form.


Owners: Michelle Kolker, J.D. & Realtor and Matt Kolker, Realtor
Years in Position: 11 years
Year of Establishment: 2014
Address: 14677 Via Bettona Suite 120, San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: 858-229-6173
Description of Business: Kolker Real Estate Group is a residential Realtor®/Attorney team providing information and expertise on Design39Campus eligible homes, new construction, and the 92127 community.