by LINDA FRABL | photos by Spark Photography

An Active Family

The Herrick family moved to California from Michigan nine years ago, after Michael got a job transfer from his employer, Hewlett-Packard. His wife Lynn, who works in the legal/HR department for a health and safety mobile service company, exclaimed, “We chose 4S Ranch because of the fantastic schools, the charming parks, and the wonderful sense of community.” Michael added, “After living for so many years in the Midwest, we never take for granted the endless sun, the mild weather days, the amazing ocean, and the healthy living available to us here.”


That healthy living has meant ample opportunities for their three children – twins Daniel and Natalie, 14, and Benny, 12 – to engage in fun activities. All three play competitive soccer, swim, and take art classes. In addition, Daniel trains for track every Sunday at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Natalie dances, and Benny plays baseball and volleyball. Lynn admitted, “We are a very active family, and a lot of our time is spent at soccer and baseball fields, or watching volleyball games.”

With all of this activity in their lives, the Herricks are self-admitted competitors. Michael proclaimed, “You never know when we might break out into a family competition, such as handstands at the beach or planks in the park.” Their latest competitive pursuit is what Lynn calls “speed grocery shopping,” in which the family tries to see just how quickly they can complete a Trader Joe’s shopping excursion. Lynn commented, “Our best record is 15 minutes – including shopping, paying, and loading groceries in the car!”


This innate competitive drive may be the reason all of the children have overcome harrowing close-calls. For example, the twins were born three months prematurely, weighing less than two pounds each. With a 50 percent chance of survival, both needed to stay in the hospital for about five months. Also, Benny suffered through a burst appendix while in kindergarten, and endured emergency surgery. Daniel had a bad collision while playing frisbee and crushed his kidney, which required months of recuperation.

In spite of all of this, all three children are doing great. But most importantly, the Herricks don’t let temporary setbacks stop them from persevering. Michael revealed, “It may be tempting to keep our children in a bubble, but we still encourage them all to live life to the fullest.”

Parents: Lynn and Michael Herrick
Children: Daniel Herrick (14, Oak Valley, 8th Grade); Natalie Herrick (14, Oak Valley, 8th Grade); Benny Herrick (12, Oak Valley, 6th Grade).
Community: Maybeck since 2007
Hometowns: Michael (Warren, Michigan); Lynn (Rochester Hills, Michigan)
Occupations: Michael (World Wide Contracts Manager at HP Inc.); Lynn (General Counsel and VP of HR)
Pet: Guinea Pig named Reese
Favorite Places to Visit in 92127: Karl Strauss, AVANT, Brothers Provisions, Golden Spoon, and the local soccer fields.