by SHYANNE LOPEZ | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Lifelong Wellness

Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy Offers a Total-Body Approach at Their Studios in Carmel Valley and Scripps Ranch

Whether you are training for a sport, rehabilitating from an injury, or looking for overall health and fitness, Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy offers classes, programs, and seminars that can help clients meet their health and fitness goals faster than ever. Originally established in Scripps Ranch in 2013, the studio’s success has led to the recent opening of a second location in Carmel Valley. The expansion will allow for more community members to benefit from Pukka’s unique programs.

mp_pukkaPukka Founder Sharon Manzuk is a licensed physical therapist and Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist who was inspired to open her studio after becoming a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and personally experiencing the healing benefits of Pilates for her chronic back pain. Sharon, who holds a master’s degree in Physical Therapy, has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years.
Together with her staff of PMA Certified Pilates Teachers and licensed physical therapists, Sharon’s method provides a more total-body approach for a client’s health and fitness journey. “As therapists, we utilize our knowledge and highly trained skills to properly diagnose and treat areas of soft tissue and joint dysfunction anywhere in your body,” Sharon explained. “As Pilates practitioners, we focus on the quality of movement and identify areas of decreased muscular control and mobility in need of the Pilates work.”

With this unique structure, Pukka stands out as a studio that provides a high level of expertise. This is because there is less room for injury when practicing Pilates with a licensed physical therapist. “Many clients have orthopedic conditions that require exercise adjustments, and as therapists, we are best suited to make those adjustments,” said Sharon.

Pukka also provides an intimate experience with their small semi-private class sizes and one-on-one private sessions. In addition to traditional Pilates fitness classes, Pukka holds specialized classes and seminars such as Healthy Back Pilates, Fitness for Golf, Myofascial Stretching classes, Pilates for Parkinson’s Disease, Ergonomics, and more. All classes and programs can be modified to accommodate clients with various conditions and injuries. A Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy Teaching Training Program is also offered throughout the year, taught by Sharon herself.

The unique combination of services and classes are meeting the needs of a wide group of local residents. From those just starting an exercise program to competitive athletes, Pukka’s experienced therapists and teachers provide clients with individualized attention, the optimal exercise experience, and successful outcomes for a long and healthy life.


Name of Business: Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy
Owner/Manager: Sharon Manzuk
Years in Position: 3
Year of Establishment: 2013
Carmel Valley Location: 7805 Highlands Village Pl. Suite G101,
San Diego, CA 92129
Carmel Valley Phone: 858-360-9900
Scripps Ranch Location: 12030 Scripps Summit Dr. Suite E,
San Diego, CA 92131
Scripps Ranch Phone: 858-271-8800
Business Description: Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy is an innovative physical therapy and Pilates studio with a holistic rehabilitative and fitness approach to whole body health and lifelong wellness. All services are provided by physical therapists and certified Pilates teachers.