by LYDIA COBB | photos by Spark Photography

A Frenzy of Fun

It’s peaceful in their Tahoe cabin on a river. “There is little to no cell signal, no TV, no distractions,” shared Trevor Outman. “The noise of the busy world seems to fade off into the distance when we’re there.” Back at home, life accelerates with two children in school, sports, and work. Trevor received his M.B.A. from Oral Roberts University. He is the co-founder and principal partner of Shipware, a parcel consulting and audit firm. Cristal has a B.S. in biology from UC Davis and is now a full-time mom. They met as Pfizer pharmaceutical sales reps. Trevor elaborated, “We shared many conversations over dinners and found a deep friendship behind our love for each other.”


They moved here as newlyweds, seeking high-quality schools and neighborhoods for children in their future: Melia, now age six, and Josiah, age four, will both attend Maranatha Elementary next year. Cristal volunteers in the classrooms and schedules the kids’ T-ball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, track, swimming, and Girl Scouts (insert: breathe) all in a week’s work. Yet it’s important to stay healthy, and Cristal hosts wellness workouts for moms at Patriot Park on Wednesdays.


They find fulfillment at The City Church. The beach is also an oasis. “It’s fun to watch the kids’ confidence increase every year as they get more comfortable with the ocean,” mentioned Trevor. “We are also a big Chargers and Padres family, so it wouldn’t be uncommon to find us in team jerseys on our way to cheer on our home teams.” Josiah loves fireworks and cotton candy. He has learned to run the T-Ball bases in the right direction! Melia is in cross country and qualified to run at regionals.

“It’s fun to watch the kids’ confidence increase every year as they get more comfortable with the ocean.”

One morning stands out – a test of humility. Josiah decorated the carpet with mom’s red lipstick. A few minutes later, he poured orange juice on the floor because, Trevor surmised, “The sound of the splashing juice was entertaining to him.” Right afterwards, Melia accidentally shattered a glass patio door with a baseball. “So the next time you have one of those mornings, just remember it could always be worse,” he added.

Cristal and Trevor engage in triathlons and marathons. “There is nothing like crossing the finish line to get the reward of hugs and high-fives from our kids,” added Trevor. Being a close family is everything they thought it would be, and more – lipstick on carpet included.

Parents: Trevor & Cristal Outman
Children: Melia (6), Josiah (4)
Community: Avondale at Del Sur, 4S Ranch, since 2008
Hometowns: Trevor – Alamo, CA; Cristal – Los Angeles, CA
Occupations: Trevor – Founder & Principal Partner at Shipware; Cristal – full-time mom
Pet: Gracie the Guinea Pig
Favorite place in 92127: Morning Spin class with Tammy at LA Fitness, family-friendly parks