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Paving New Career Pathways

By February, Del Norte High students are already gearing up for the next school year by choosing which classes they will be taking. Course Request Forms, otherwise known as CRFs, will be passed out to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. On these forms, students will indicate what classes they want to take.

This year, counselors are in the process of arranging more college preparatory classes. These classes are considered electives, but are focused for certain career pathways. Such classes expose students to the work of different fields. One of four counselors, Mr. Roy, said, “The ones that are in these key schools, these students have taken classes that are considered career pathways. These are the students that are utilizing these interest classes.”

Not only will these classes provide students with more exposure to fields that interest them, they will demonstrate to universities a greater interest in those respective fields. With that, universities can see a more focused student.

As counselors on campus have emphasized before, while AP classes are admirable in the eyes of admissions officers, it is about what sets someone apart. These new classes can help with that. Another counselor, Mrs. Marron, said, “It’s about finding a passion and developing it; it’s things that they get hooked into.”

New classes specifically tailored to the engineering and biomedical sciences field are expected to be on the CRFs this year. Students are now given even more opportunities to explore career pathways so that by the time they have to choose, the choice will not be as difficult.

SABRINA PASCUA is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92127 Magazine.