Oak Valley Middle School seventh grader Devam Shrivastava recently set a record in the sport of youth cricket in a San Diego Cricket Club Youth Academy (SDCCYA) vs. Southern California Youth Cricket Academy (SDYCA) match by hitting four consecutive runs on all six balls in an over. “I am happy with the achievement,” Devam said. “I was just playing a positive game to increase the run rate for our team after having a slow start. I went after each ball to keep the score moving and didn’t know when this record got created in the meantime.”

SDCCYA works to promote cricket among youth in the region, providing them with adequate training and competition opportunities. Devam, along with two other SDCCYA members, were recently selected to be part of the 13-member team representing the Southwest region in the U15 National Cricket Tournament in Chicago from July 5 through 9. “We have excellent players on our team,” Devam said, “and my team members help motivate me.”