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Sauna Sensation is San Diego’s premier infrared sauna studio, empowering individuals, families, teams, and organizations with one of the most powerful, simple, and scientifically-proven means of enhancing performance, recovery, health, and wellness. While infrared sauna has exploded in popularity around the world among medical professionals, elite athletes and coaches, celebrities, and “bio hackers,” we are on a mission to upgrade as many lives as possible right here in 92127!


Unlike a traditional dry sauna, infrared sauna uses powerful light rays to heat up the body directly from the inside out. These are the same healthy rays of invisible light emitted by the sun. Inoculating our bodies with infrared light has a proven ability to heal and transform our bodies and minds.

The body responds to the beneficial “heat stress” created by infrared light in the sauna with a tidal wave of physiological and neurological benefits that are unmatched in by other common treatments, fitness and wellness protocols or other recovery modalities. It’s the ultimate experience for anyone looking to upgrade their human performance in a safe, efficient and very effective manner.


During your 40-minute session in one of our private suites, you’ll experience a significant rise in blood flow and an immediate reduction in blood pressure, strengthening the heart and nourishing muscle tissue.

Infrared sauna is used around the world to treat many different conditions, but detoxification, weight loss, enhanced athletic recovery, pain relief, and stress relief are universal benefits to those who make infrared sauna a mainstay in their weekly health and wellness rituals.

Penetrating one to two inches deep into the body, the light rays trigger a release of cellular-level toxins, which are emitted through an intense sweat. The finisher is an incredible endorphin rush as you step out of the sauna to your eucalyptus-infused cold wrap and the ultimate relaxation response.


Unlike the traditional group sauna found in most gyms, infrared sauna is a private experience, tailored to the desired outcomes and objectives of each individual client.

Our clients are young and “less young” alike, from CEO’s, active duty military, and professional athletes to busy moms and those battling seriously debilitating health symptoms.

With 12 private infrared sauna suites, a members-only lounge, and a complimentary hydration station with citrus and organic sea salt, we are privileged to empower those in the 92127 community with the power of infrared sauna!

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