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Since ZCode’s conception, the goal has always been to publish feel-good content that truly engages readers across our zip codes. Now, publishing six issues of 14 community magazines per year, ZCode has worked hard to maintain and expand our vision. Behind each issue of 92127 Magazine is our close-knit band of creatives and go-getters who are dedicated to making ZCode’s vision a reality. What do we all have in common? We all are passionate about what makes our communities special. Join us as we dive into the inner workings of our media center.

Q&A with ZCode Publisher, Derrick Breaux


How did your vision for ZCode Magazines begin?
I was lucky enough to have a few articles published about me when I played football in high school. It was very exciting. I still have those articles. I wanted to create a local magazine that made people feel good. A magazine that people looked forward to receiving in their mailboxes. A magazine specifically for the neighborhoods that we call home, with colorful photos and a variety of interesting articles.

Since its conception in 2009, in what way have the magazines developed most?
Talent! I have been fortunate to work with an incredibly talented group of people that share the ZCode vision. The quality of the magazines (editorial and design) is unparalleled in the community magazine arena.

What has been the most rewarding part of ZCode’s journey so far?
Having people come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy reading the magazine. It never gets old!

What are your long-term goals for the magazines?
Honestly, it’s to keep publishing magazines that are meaningful to the local residents. And if we are able to grow our family of magazines along the way by adding additional communities, then that’s a bonus!


Why do you think each department is so integral to ZCode’s mission?
Without a doubt, the magazines wouldn’t exist without sales, editorial, production, and graphics. While it all started as a one-person operation, it has grown to something much larger. I feel blessed to be able to work with the talented ZCode team.

What’s an important takeaway for our 92127 Magazine readers?
The magazine is 100 percent supported by its advertising partners. Please frequent
their businesses and let them know that you saw them in 92127 Magazine.

Sales and Production
Connecting the Community


Without this dedicated, hardworking group, it’s highly likely you wouldn’t be reading the magazine you’re holding in your hands. This is because ZCode’s all-star sales team and production personnel create and maintain relationships with the businesses featured throughout our pages, so that we can get our magazines out to our more than 220,000 readers – to you. Our sales representatives aid local businesses – from doctors to landscapers to Realtors – in finding the most effective way possible to reach potential clients via advertisements, business spotlights, and merchant profiles. And our production coordinator ensures an entirely smooth process.

Each team member strives to introduce you to our business supporters and perhaps your next dentist or dance studio, thus doing their part to help create a thriving local marketplace.

Client Testimonials:

“The team at ZCode are most enthusiastic and professional. They research who we are, actively listened to our needs, responded quickly with patience for my timeline, and produced the most attractive, informative, and successful advertising for my business! I often tell others that the team at ZCode is a huge part of my business success! We love working with them!
– Maria Bagby, Therapeutic Literacy Center Executive Director

“ZCode is always a pleasure to work with. Their staff works diligently with their clients to ensure quality advertisements that best promote businesses within the community.”
– Jackie Mougel, Danceology Performance Club Director

Bringing Stories to Life


While 50 percent of our magazines’ content is focused on spotlighting local businesses, the other half is focused on, well, you. The zip codes that we cover are bustling, thriving communities that are home to newsworthy people, places, organizations, and events that are all well-deserving of a spotlight – which is where our editorial team comes in.

ZCode’s editors are tasked with discovering, researching, and crafting the hyperlocal stories that fill our pages – from Community Stuff to our half-page features and photo pages. While they don’t always get a byline, it’s their dedication to providing readers with fun and informative stories that makes the magazines so special.

Creative Collaboration

In addition to discovering our smaller stories, the editors also work closely with our talented, exclusive team of writers and photographers to bring our larger features to life!

Tying it All Together


When the stories have been pitched, written, and edited, and the photos have been selected, we leave the finishing touches to our passionate and highly skilled graphics team. With an eye for placement, patterns, and color schemes, our graphic designers make sure that 92127 Magazine looks sleek and polished before going to print. From the advertisements to the cover features, our exclusive designers do it all.



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