4S Ranch Girls Softball League had an exciting first season as a B league – the team was a C league until last year, when the Southern California Amateur Softball Association moved the league up. The 8U and 10U Gold teams both qualified to compete at the B-States competition in Lancaster. “Despite the heat – 118! – we’re very proud of all our girls who were able to compete at B States,” said Publicity Director Jennifer Ramp.


The 8U team included Alexis Kyles, Ashlyn Beasley, Brooklyn Giame, Karly Prasouvo, Kayla Walton, Kristi Long, Lainey Llamas, Lauren Holmes, Madeline McGibbons, Morgan Buchan, Riley Golding, and Sienna Morales, coached by Kevin Holmes, Scott Kyles, Jennifer Giame, and Ted Buchan.
The 10U team starred Caity Lane, Chloe Rozell, Ella Guier, Ella Separovich, Ellie Lopez, Katy Solis, Keanna Gueco, Lauren Rozell, Mackenzie Buchan, Mia Powell, Miranda Mosquedo, and Sienna Cornelius, coached by Chris Powell, Randy Rozell, Adam Guier, and Nate Lane.

“Overall, there were highs and lows throughout the season, combined with hard work and grit, which brought smiles, hugs, and tears,” shared Jennifer. “Everything you hope to experience in youth sports.”