by RICHARD D. MARKS, Founder and President

Persistence Beats Resistance

adv_rdm_management_richard“Persistence beats resistance” is an attitude I adopted midway in my professional sales career. It’s an attitude that implies if you don’t give up and keep moving towards your goals, then eventually the resistance (challenges, obstacles, and self-doubt) will give way to your persistence (determination, motivation, and willingness to succeed).

During “the process,” which is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end, things can become cloudy and even discouraging due to your present reality. However, if you knew the exact place, date, and time of your breakthrough, chances are you would not give up and you would continue pursuing your destiny.

What about purpose? Do you know your purpose in life? I know my purpose, and that purpose is to coach and inspire others to achieve their greatness in life, for this has been my mantra from the beginning. So with your approval or not… I have decided to serve notice.


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Your future is promised to be better than your past. Your dreams, hopes, and purpose are predicated on your true grit. Sometimes you must crawl through the muck and shift through the psychological impairments in order to achieve your greatness. Yes, at times it can be hard, and a part of you may want to quit and give up, but you won’t, and nor will I allow you to. I will be your voice of encouragement, your voice of reason, hope, and optimism. When the world says “you can’t,” I say, “you can.” It is you who decides your own fate, not them.

If you are experiencing self-doubt, questioning your purpose, or would like to move towards your next level in life, allow me to be your personal motivator and help you get there. Give me a call at 619-208-3743 or send me an email at to discuss your unlimited possibilities.

I am Richard D. Marks. Motivational speaker. Performance coach. Trainer. Founder of RDM Management Group.

Expect great things to happen!

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