The Military Wives Club

Jessica Saddler, Leah Jakosalem, Terri Alexander, and Traci Maloney have a lot in common – all are moms, military spouses, and talented cooks. The four joined forces on The F Word, a new competitive cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsey.

“Traci, Terri, Jessica, and I had a mindset from day one,” Leah explained. “We were strongly determined and motivated and just gave all we’ve got and went for it! Perk? It was witnessed on national TV!” Under the team name The Military Wives Club (MWC), the four not only won the episode competition, they came back to win the season finale and the $100,000 grand prize.

The team didn’t all know each other before the show, but they were soon fast friends. “These military spouses are strong and capable in so many ways and to be able to represent them was an honor and a challenge we took very seriously,” said Jessica. Traci elaborated, “We deal with so much going on and uncertainty at times with our lives and husband’s careers that we can always rely on one another to get through any obstacle that comes our way, and I really hope the audience saw that.”

“The experience of working with the MWC is something that I will hold with extreme pride for the rest of my life,” Terri shared. “They are my sisters! Being a military spouse is what brought us together, and our bond will not let us part.”

Jessica lives in Poway with her U.S. Marine Corps husband and their two children. Leah, her U.S. Navy husband, and their daughter live in Rancho Bernardo. Terri, her husband, and their three daughters recently moved back to the U.S. Traci, her U.S. Navy husband, and their two children live in Del Sur.